How To Find Popular Wedding Cake Designs


A wedding is one of the most celebrated occasions among family members and friends. Aside from the bride’s gown, the wedding cake is another important wedding symbol that the couple gives much attention to in their wedding preparation. The wedding cake is normally adorned with appropriate ornaments such as fresh or sugar flowers, fruits and even crystals that make the wedding reception more grandiose.

Nowadays, there are various modern wedding cake designs that pastry chefs could offer. If you are in the middle of wedding preparations, below are some popular wedding cake designs:

  • Seventh Heaven Wedding Cakes. The baker allows customers to choose from various popular cake recipes such as White Sponge, Orange Chiffon Cake, and Pink Champagne among others as well as its fillings that would go along with its cake like Kahlua Crème, French Vanilla Mousse and a lot more. The bride and groom could very well customize their wedding cake according to their preference.
  • Carrie’s Cakes. If you are from Utah, the bakers specialize in the latest techniques in creating the perfect cake for the couple to be married. Their design ranges from sophisticated elegant look to whimsical style.
  • Designer Collection by Red Ribbon. If you are from the Philippines, you can experience the taste of Red Ribbon wedding cakes. Red Ribbon Bakeshop commissioned top fashion designers like Frederick Peralta and Rajo Laurel to design wedding cakes.
  • The Cupcake Tower. For smaller weddings, cupcake tower could be one of the options to be considered. This is not only cost friendly to the couple but provides the same appearance of a tiered cake once it is layered. The cupcakes could be decorated elaborately or simply with colored icing that matches the motif of the wedding.
  • Mini Cakes. Mini cakes are small designed cakes, which are also a perfect portion to the guest. When budget is not a hindrance, this popular wedding cake design is the right choice for the couple if they want to be different and make an elegant statement. Design could be as elaborate as the usual tiered wedding cake.
  • Shaped or Themed Cakes. Non traditional weddings are becoming popular to couples that are bold and daring. The wedding cake goes along with the themed reception such as car racing, star wars, under the sea adventure, etc. Themed cakes are large cakes as well but shaped as a fairy tale character, historical building, a car or a building.
  • Elaborately Decorated Cakes. Wedding cakes can be very classy and elegant depending on the decorations made by the pastry chef or baker. Fondant cakes can be elaborately decorated and gives a smooth finish. Designs can be architectural inspired, flowers, fruits and other materials that may be used as decorations.

The wedding cake is the most delicious staple in the reception. Without it, the wedding may not be described as elegant and grandiose. Fruit cake as a base for the wedding cake symbolizes luxury. The color of the cake plays an important role as well. White symbolizes the purity of the bride. All these things are symbolism and the wedding cake is the most appropriate symbol of your commitment to one another. 

You can learn more about good cake design by taking courses in design online.


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