How To Find the Best Places for a Wedding Gift Registry

Wedding gifts

Wedding gifts are given to help the new couple start married life together.  Over time, brides realized that writing down the gifts they wanted made it easier for guests to choose the proper gift and thus, the wedding gift registry was born.  One of the benefits of a wedding gift registry for the soon-to-be newlywed couple is that the list is tailored to their specific needs and wants.  The benefit of a wedding gift registry for invited guests is that they don’t have to guess about what the couple needs; they can check the registry and ensure they are getting a gift that will bring the couple joy for many years to come.

A lot of brides wonder about what gifts are appropriate to list on the wedding gift registry.  Traditionally, couples register for home goods like cooking utensils, sheets, and towels.  However, couples should put anything they like on their wedding gift registry.  Some couples, especially those over 30 or those who co-habitat before marriage, have already accumulated plates, robes, and other household goods. These couples will be happy to know that it is now considered appropriate to request monetary donations toward the honeymoon, luggage, or even jet-skis on their wedding gift registry.

For couples who choose a more traditional gift wedding registry, there are a few helpful tips to make it less stressful and ensure you get the things you need.  The general rule of thumb for the registry is to order 8, 12, or 16 dinner place settings.  Order towels for the master bathroom and the guest’s bathroom; it’s best to order 6 or more per bathroom so you’re not constantly washing them. Select 2 sets of sheets per bedroom for your wedding gift registry. Place items of varying prices on your wedding gift registry so all of your guests can afford to buy you a present.

Lastly, look for good deals on your wedding gift registry.  Several of the major department stores offer discounts and other deals on a gift registry.  And in this recession, when retailers are looking to increase business, you may be able to negotiate a discount with a retailer who doesn’t have one.  If possible, list your parents’ address on your registry; nothing is worse than missing presents while on your honeymoon.
Now sit back and wait for the presents to arrive.  Enjoy it because you probably won’t receive this many gifts again until it’s time to complete the baby registry.


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