How To Find Theme Wedding Ideas

For most modern couples, traditional weddings can be boring. After all, why should a couple conform to the usual formalities, if the bride and groom want to be expressive while they share their happiness with guests? Some couples want to stand out with a unique celebration. One way to hold a wedding while being able to be expressive of one’s personality is by holding a theme wedding.

A theme wedding usually involves setting up the event as if it were in another world altogether. A traditional wedding would usually be held in a church, chapel or other place of worship, and the reception is usually at a hotel or garden. A couple can spice this up, though, with the use of some imagination. The venue can be decorated to look like it’s a scene from a movie. The couple can wear costumes aside from the usual tuxedo and dress.

It’s not always easy to find a theme for a wedding, though. The important thing here is to find something that both the bride and groom will like. Oftentimes, these things are shared passions and interests between the bride and groom.

Here are some sources of inspiration that couples to be can turn to for theme wedding ideas.

Movies. Film and entertainment are common ground when it comes to inspiration. A couple might have loved a certain film or story. Some examples can be an under the sea wedding, inspired by The Little Mermaid. In this case, the colors can be inspired by underwater creatures. The cake can be shaped like a shell or a boat.

Era weddings. Another inspiration that can be taken from movies are era themes. This means the wedding can be made to look and feel as if it were in a different era. A couple might fancy a medieval theme, in which the bride is dressed as a princess and the groom as a swashbuckling prince, complete with sword and crowns.

Era weddings do not necessarily have to mean medieval times, though. A couple might be interested in the look and feel of certain decades in modern times, such as the 1920’s or 1970’s, for instance. For this purpose, the designs of the dresses and suits, and the adornments at the ceremony and reception venue can be made to match the look and feel of the era the couple are celebrating. Even the guests can be asked to come in period attire.

Cultural themes. Aside from film and different times, a couple can also celebrate a wedding that incorporates different aspects of weddings from other cultures. The western world has its own idea of weddings, be it based on Christian, Jewish or other rites. However, a couple can take inspiration from more distant or exotic customs from different countries. This can be particularly appropriate if the couple's families come from different backgrounds.

So, for example, a wedding can be Zen-inspired, or Hindu-inspired. If a wedding will be held at or near a beach, it can even be Hawaiian-inspired, complete with hula and fire dancers.

A theme can make any event unique and novel. Theme weddings are a good example of how a couple can highlight their individuality and personality. Theme weddings also let a couple share their passions and interests with family and loved ones.


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