How To Find Victorian Wedding Dresses

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Victorian wedding dresses are making a comeback as the new generation wants to get away from the regular and traditional styles. They want to make a statement and make their wedding unique and more memorable and one of the ways is to wear something from the olden days when ladies wear clothes that are steeped in elegance and tradition. It may take time for you to locate Victorian wedding dresses but they can be found with some help from the tips described below.

  1. Use the power of the Internet to search for places and shops where you can find Victorian wedding dresses. You can a closer view of the styles that are available and make comparisons. The shops will usually carry accessories and other clothes for the rest of the wedding party for a total look. Ordering online must be done months in advance to allow for delivery as well as some alterations if needed.
  2. Look for a shop that specializes in Victorian wedding dress reproductions. Take a look at the collection from Katrina Marie. The dresses are made to order and the designer stipulates that orders should be made three to four months in advance.
  3. For a more authentic look you can check the merchandise offered at the Victoria Rose online shop. They have limited supply and you need to have the exact measurements that are required by the available Victorian wedding dresses from different periods. They also have some reproductions in the Neo-Victorian wedding gowns section.
  4. Check out the design collection from the Vintage Wedding online shop. Their gallery shows authentic designs of Victorian wedding dresses that you can order online. The designs are lavish and actually look like period pieces. You may have to get the whole ensemble to replicate the pomp and elegance of a real Victorian-style wedding.
  5. Vintage Style Clothing may be your answer to find a reproduction Victorian wedding dresses. The shop carries a wide array of reproduction vintage dresses in different periods from Nataya, Jessica McClintock, Stop Staring, Martin McCrae and Nataya Jeannie Nitro. The shop offers free shipping within the US and do not charge sales tax.
  6. Some costume shops may have reproduction Victorian-inspired wedding gowns. You can purchase a basic one and add Victorian accents to make the gown look more authentic. This can give you some savings that you can use to purchase the accessories and other Victorian wedding paraphernalia. You can also ask the costume shopkeeper if they know of suppliers and makers or sellers of Victorian wedding gowns. They may be able to give you some fine referrals.
  7. Learn more about Victorian weddings from the Wedding Dress Gallery. You can view different styles from the images taken from books and magazines from that period. Everything you need to know for a Victorian wedding can be read from the Victoriana website. You will learn interesting facts on how to dress a Victorian bride. You will also find information on how to pose for a Victorian wedding photograph, the attire suitable for Victorian grooms, hairstyles that are fashionable during the period, as well as Victorian wedding traditions and etiquette.

Give ample time for you to research, locate and order a Victorian wedding dress. You may opt for a reproduction or go for an authentic piece depending on your budget. Check out what styles are out there and if you have a seamstress in mind, do ask if she can make the gown for you. Take note that it can be more costly to have Victorian wedding dress custom-made by your satisfaction will be guaranteed. One of the things you have to remember is to use orange blossoms, for your hair and in your wedding bouquet, which is the flower of choice for weddings during the Victorian era.


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