How To Find Wedding Card Boxes

Sometimes, guests at a wedding prefer to gift you and your groom with money instead of heading to the registry to buy what ten other people have probably bought ahead hoping that it would be the one gift that will make both of you squeal with delight (on second thought, if your groom squeals louder or squeals at all – you might want to rethink your idea of marrying him). Okay, moving on. The very purpose of a registry is to make sure that whatever both of you want, the both of you receive on your wedding day. That is until you both discover that you didn’t need half of what you listed in the registry. This is where gift cards with money come in handy. This is sort of a way out for both of you to buy anything that you want that’s not listed in the registry or something both of you can use as extra cash for the honeymoon – thanks to your guests bright idea and generosity.

Now to make sure gift cards are properly received and organized in one neat place, you have to make sure that you have a wedding card box during the wedding. Ideas are aplenty. Just take a look at the list below so you can start searching.

Here are suggestions on finding wedding card boxes:

  1. Look for these at the crafts store. The good thing about wedding card boxes is that they don’t fit into any kind of traditionally-accepted idea. Anything goes as long as what you choose is in keeping with your wedding theme. Craft stores carry a wide range of boxes that you can choose from so go ahead and look from craft store to craft store until you find the perfect match.
  2. Search for these online. is one website that not only offers wedding card boxes but also other wedding favors that will help you streamline the look and feel of every décor and accent piece that you will need for your wedding. Go take a look and find design suggestions that will make you feel like going for a Fairy Tale theme for your wedding.
  3. Go antique shopping. If you are on the road most of the time, take advantage of this opportunity to look at antique shops that may hide wedding boxes to thrill you. Mind you, you are looking for at most two wedding boxes to be used at the gift table so you won’t have to worry about bulk order. The good thing about antique shopping is that once you find something that can stand as your wedding card box (or boxes), you can take these home with you and use it to add beauty to your home.
  4. Look for arts and crafts magazines. Simply browse through the pages paying special attention to the Editor’s picks. Once you find what you are looking for, look at the location page containing the price, how to order, and where to order your wedding card box (or boxes).
  5. Ask your wedding planner or your wedding favors supplier. These people should know a number of suppliers who can supply you with a couple of wedding card boxes. Ask for a discount even if you are just placing a small order.

Problem solved! You had just given your guests a way to present their love for you in lieu of beautifully-wrapped wedding presents.


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