How To Find Your Husband

5 Tips for Snagging Your True Love

Every little girl has thoughts of her wedding day and her dream husband. But when reality hits and the age clock is ticking, it may seem like this dream is truly just a fantasy. If you've given up on going out to bars and on blind dates, and you're looking for that one Mr. Right, you may not be sure where to start. Follow these 5 easy tips to finding that one special someone you just might one day call ‘your husband'.

  1. Make yourself available. You must know by now that your dream husband doesn't exist in your current group of friends. So you've got to get out there and meet new people. If a friend asks you to a party, go. If there's an extra ticket for the ball game, go. Even your local church probably has a good inventory of husband-worthy men. You just have to put yourself out there. You never know who you might meet.
  2. Try online dating. Although you may think these sites are bogus, many are starting to get a great name as match-making sites. E-Harmony is a popular one, but any site that really considers your personality and your preferences for a mate is a good choice. The longer the application process, the better. After all, you want them to find that perfect someone, don't you?
  3. Throw a party. A great way to meet new acquaintances is through a friend. So throw a low-key backyard barbecue, and ask you friends to bring some friends. Chances are, if they're friends with your friends, you'll have a lot of shared interests with your new-found party guests. And social outings where there is little stress or pressure to ‘hook-up' are actually ideal places to do so. There is strength in numbers, and there are husbands in crowds!
  4. Go to where men go. Okay, this may seem a bit desperate but just don't make it look obvious. Consider places where you might find men and visit these places. Take up fishing off the local peer, walk you dog in the park, or join a co-ed baseball league. Find a place where men enjoy physical activities. And hey, any man that is active and enjoys the outdoors is a good catch, right?
  5. Volunteer. Another great place to find good men is at a non-profit organization. A man who is willing to volunteer has a good heart and is not selfish - a perfect husband! Search your local newspaper and online classified ads for agencies looking for help, and you'll definitely meet someone new.

Whether you meet him today or next year, you'll know when you've met your real love. He'll have a good heart, a giving soul and will be interested in you. Don't just settle for the next guy to walk past your cubicle - find someone who you really share interests with and work on that relationship to see if it will transpire into a loving marriage.


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