How To Find Your Secret Admirer

Today’s dating scene has changed dramatically. Gone are the days of wooing and courting. They are now replaced with simply going out with someone who catches your eye in a restaurant or in a club. Nowadays, the youth are more straight-forward when it comes to dating, eventually branding the affectionate longing and sweet love letters sent in secret as totally old-fashioned.

However, it’s an exaggeration to state that secret admirers have been completely wiped out from the dating scene. On the contrary, many still prefer having a secret admirer as it amplifies the thrill and excitement of a possible romance, not to mention that having a secret admirer can be a real ego-boost to the admired person.

So you think you’ve got a secret admirer? Enjoy the moment while trying to uncover your admirer’s identity. Here are some tips to find out who it is:

  1. Make sure first that you really want to know who your secret admirer is. People tend to fantasize too much and end up getting disappointed after finding out that their admirers are far from what they have expected.
  2. Be a detective. Observe the packages that are being sent to you and how they were sent to you. By putting these evidences together, develop theories that can lead you back to the sender.
  3. If you happen to receive a bouquet of flowers, check the floral shop from where it was bought and ask the florist about the person who had sent it. Expect that the florist may refuse to answer this in keep the confidentiality of their customers. In such cases, simply inquire about the physical appearance and act as if you already knew and you just wanted to verify it. You can also ask the delivery boy or the other staff.
  4. When a mysterious package appears at your doorstep, ask around your immediate neighborhood if anyone has seen the person who may have left the package. Inquire them of the physical appearance of your mysterious delivery person.
  5. Some secret admirers put a lot of effort in providing clues in their packages that can help uncover their identity. Be extra observant with handwritten love notes and try to figure out if you can identify the handwriting. If you manage to identify it, verify it with other common friends.
  6. There is a high possibility that your secret admirer may be among your circle of friends. Pay extra attention on some of your friends’ attitude, especially after receiving packages or love notes. Examine carefully those who suspiciously ask you about the packages and your reaction. He may be your secret admirer checking out if you appreciated what you have received.
  7. Consider the people who have been flirting with you and those who have been paying extra attention to you. Innocently ask each of them if they are your secret admirer and watch their reactions.
  8. Ask around your friends and see who might have a clue on your secret admirer. Be wary of those saying that they don’t, chances are they do know something.

More often than not, secret admirers want the person they admired to uncover them so enjoy every moment of your romantic hide-and-seek.


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