How To Flirt at the Gym

5 Tips for Catching the Eye of a Ripped Hottie

Most would believe that mid-workout is not a time to get yourself noticed. You're covered in sweat, wearing skin-tight clothes and your hair is everywhere but where it should be. However, there are many people that are attracted to those who are working out. A healthy body and revealing clothes can call to those around you "check me out".  You know they're looking at you. Now all you have to do is reel them in. Follow these 5 easy tips for flirting at the gym and you'll have a list of admirers to choose from.

  1. Look nice. Okay, I know it's not your focus at the gym, but make a little effort here. Replace those tattered and torn workout clothes, and go for more form-fitting attire. As well, make sure you've got lots of deodorant on. Who says you have to smell bad when you're working out?
  2. Open up. Make sure that you seem approachable, even while doing those 50-pound bicep curls. Your face and body language relays a lot to potential mates. You need to seem friendly and likeable.  Smile when a door is opened for you and retrieve dropped water bottles for the guy working out beside you. Don't lay it on too hard. You just want to get across that you've got a great personality.
  3. Start some friendly conversation. Most of the time, conversations at the gym consist of little more than a courteous thank you or small talk. Be the judge of when this small talk has potential. If they give you the cold shoulder, move on. They're not interested in flirting with you. But if they start to lay on the charm and just happen to move with you throughout your circuit so that they can continue the conversation, then you're on to something! Make sure you show interest in them, but keep it on a friendly nature until you know their boundaries. Throw in some sweet talk, but don't go overboard. You'd hate to scare them off by going in too fast, too soon.
  4. Be positive.  Negativity is about the fastest way to turn someone off. Instead, show your happy, playful side. Laugh with them, joke about things and give them compliments. When they see that your personality is contagious, they won't notice anyone else in the gym.
  5. Be alert. This could be the first tip or the last, depending on how you look at it. You need to make yourself aware of the person to find out if they're single and therefore flirt-worthy. Look for wedding rings, wedding ring tans, or other signs of a family. If you discern that they're single and available for the taking, and you've already had a few great conversations with this person, that's when you'll be able to tell if this relationship has potential. Read their body language and actions. If they're looking at you through the mirrors as they do their crunches, it's probably safe to say that you've snagged yourself a hottie.

With a little bit of confidence and some awareness of those around you, you'll be able to spot an interested admirer in no time. So smile, and put your game face on - you never know who you might meet at the gym today.


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