How To Flirt by Text Messaging

Text messaging has becoming the latest trend when it comes to communication. It is a time saver. It gives you the advantage of sending messages when you don't have time to carry on a full conversation. Text messaging can also be a form of discreet communication. When you're inside the church and you need to attend to an emergency, a quick text message is your best option.

This mode of communication is also the way for two people to get to know and flirt with each other. This will avoid the awkward moments of a first time conversation. The following tips will teach you how to flirt by text messaging.

  • Keep things short. When you're flirting through text, make sure that you use one to two sentences only. Try avoiding sending long messages. Not everyone will have the patience to read your entire message. Plus, this will probably bore the person you are flirting with. Keep your messages short, straightforward and flirty.
  • Have a sense of humor. No one can resist a person who can make her smile. Tell her something funny or playful. This will spice up the conversation and will make the person more interested in you. Also, make sure that your messages are not misconstrued. Remember that you're talking through text only. If you say ambiguous messages, you might end up offending the person. One good way of making the person smile is to remind the person of an inside joke. This will avoid possible misinterpretation.
  • Avoid sending too many texts. If the person did not respond to you, there's a great chance that she is not in the mood or just not interested. When trying to flirt through text, try to weigh things. If you send the person too many messages, you just might end up annoying the person. Wait for a few days and try to text the person again. If she doesn't respond, don't try to push it. You will only come off as a creepy and needy person. Besides, this is also a good way of giving the person a hint that you want him/her to respond your flirty messages.
  • Avoid using too much abbreviation. The trademark of text messages is using abbreviated words. Using these words is not a wrong thing to do, especially if your phone only allows a limited number of characters. However, you should still try to avoid using too many abbreviated words. This can cause confusion and misinterpretation. Use common abbreviations, like omg, lol, ur or jk.
  • Avoid being too sexual. Being overly sexual with your text messages can be creepy sometimes, especially if you're just starting to know the person. The person you are talking to might feel harassed by your messages.

These are some tips you can use if you want to flirt through text. Make sure you flirt with intention. Although flirting can be fun, don't do it just for the sake of it. Make sure that if you're flirting with someone through text, make a plan to meet her and set up a date. By simply following these tips, you can easily set up a date and you can instantly avoid the awkward moments before the person decides to go out with you.


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