How To Flirt with Girls When You are a Shy Guy

Shyness won’t help you if you want to date a girl, because most girls like men who can express themselves. You must overcome coyness if you are determined to date the girl that you like. Below are tips and information to help you speak and impress the girl of your dreams.

  • Practice in front of a mirror. Speak, move, and make gestures in front of a mirror so you can see how you look like. Try to be confident as you speak and move. Improve yourself until you’re satisfied. Preparation will help you have a positive mindset.
  • Ask comments from friends. Ask comments and suggestions from female friends on how to make yourself more attractive to your crush. Female friends can give better solutions than other guys, because they know what a girl wants compared to boys.
  • Get to know her better. Stalk her a bit if needed. Know her e-mail, mobile and mailing address. Know the things that she likes and the things that she doesn’t like.
  • Write her a letter to express your intention. Write her e-mails and snail mails; the latter is preferred because it’s much romantic. Girls love guys who make effort in the things that they’re doing and the gifts that they’re giving. Practice your handwriting if you have a bad one.

    Don’t copy hallmark card quotes. You can read poems but try to be original when you write. Read love poets like Pablo Neruda or Rainer Maria Rilke to get ideas. Be romantic but be sincere; tell her that you are dying to date her. You can let her feel that you’re shy but let her feel that you’re just sensitive. Girls love sensitive guys.

  • Look at her eyes directly. You can do it through practice. You can tell her that you’re sincere in your intentions if you can look at her eyes directly. However, don’t stare with an obsessive look for you might scare her. Distant your eyes once in a while to make yourself mysterious; girls love to solve mysteries.
  • Determine the reasons of your shyness. Identify the reasons why and find solutions. Like, ask help from family members or friends who are good in mixing and matching clothes if you feel that you’re not fashionable enough. Determine the fashion that you want; identify if you want to look gothic, classic, corporate, or rugged. If you are shy about your physique, then workout in a gym or exercise at home.
  • Make jokes. Girls love to be teased besides getting flattered. They want to be the center of attraction. You can learn jokes by reading humor and comic books. However, it’s better if you can learn how to become spontaneous. Break the ice through humor whenever she feels discomfort. You have a high chance to take her out if you can make her smile. Cracking jokes will also let you out of your shell. However, you need to learn timing. Throwing jokes isn’t about how funny your jokes are; it’s about the perfect timing in making jokes.
  • Ask her for help. Find things that you can do together like school assignments and crafts among others. Find ways on how to help her and vice versa.
  • Text or chat with her. You can develop confidence if you can make her smile through texting and chatting. If you have communicated before you meet in person, ensure that you aren’t making pretensions so she won’t expect.

Flirting with girls is a skill that can be learned. Any girl will notice if you’re confident, and that’s an important factor. These important tips and information will help you develop the skill that you need to help you date any girl that you want.  


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