How To Flirt without Saying a Word

Sexual innuendos are easy to understand if you’ll use words. However, flirting with gestures, facial expressions and movements are much powerful in seducing your prospect or crush. Below are tips and guides on how to flirt without saying a word.

  • Make yourself presentable. The way you dress, walk, smell, smile, and make gestures show your personality. Make a character and aura that you want to flirt so you can enter the fancy of your prospect or crush. Know her more before you meet her; preparation will help you conquer her fancy.
  • Stare at her. Give her an innocent and emotional look. But don’t stare too long because she might think that you’re a madman. Focus on her facial expressions and gestures while looking at her. Gently smile if she stares back to you. Walk away after the exchanges. There’s a big possibility that she’ll think about you.

    Give her another long friendly or romantic stare the next time you meet. Try to start a conversation and ask her out if she looks again.

  • Whisper on her ear. Tell her that you need to say something important to her and you need to whisper the information. If it’s alright with her, then gently come closer and whisper “good things happen.” Then, go to her other ear and whisper “to those who wait.” If you want sexual intimacy, you can blow a little air on her ears or touch her ears with your lips.
  • Blow her a kiss. It could mean hello, goodbye, or a request for kiss. Execute it quickly and playfully. Look at her after blowing the kiss so you can see her response. If she blows back a kiss, then approach her and strike a conversation.  Be focus so you can feel if she’s open for a kiss.
  • Hug her. Make your hug tight and look at her straight in the eyes. It is vital especially if you haven’t seen each other for a long time. Avoid shoulder patting because it might annoy or distract her.
  • Use body contact. Touch her knee or arm when she cracks a joke or when you want to tell something to her. Touching can make her shiver. It will also make her remember you.

    You can also mirror her behavior and body language. Lean when she leans. Rest your elbow on the table when she rested hers. Through mirroring, she’ll understand that you like her.

  • Send her flirty e-mails.  Indicate in your letter that’s she’s sexy and you miss her sexy voice because these are powerful ways of flirting. However, it’s more powerful to use sublime sexual overtones like telling her that you miss her. Don’t forget to be specific in your description like, you’re missing running your fingers on her lips and hair. But don’t send her flirty e-mails everyday. Make her hanker. If she misses your messages, then expect a flirty response from her.

Women appreciate men who can please them. However, you can’t directly say that you’re a great lover because they might get offended. That’s why you need to use sexual innuendos. Flirting without words is much powerful for men. Women like to think and guess. Plan carefully if there’s a girl that you really like to date.  


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