How To Forget About an Ex

Breaking up with someone is painful and almost inevitable these days. In fact, most of us will break up with more than one person during our lifetimes. So how do you forget about someone who once meant the world to you?

Here are ten tips for forgetting about an Ex:

  1. Get involved with your own life. A good part of your problem in forgetting about your Ex might be that you made this person out to be your whole world in the first place. Now that you no longer have this person in your life, you might be just plain bored. Ask yourself if your previous engagements revolved around your Ex's agenda. How many times did you sacrifice something that you wanted to do, to do something that your Ex wanted to do?
  2. Pursue your personal interests. What activities do you find interesting, challenging and just plain fun? What new activity would you like to try?
  3. Don't call your Ex or speak with his/her family or friends about your Ex. Cut off relationships with them for the time being, if possible. If you speak to them you'll be constantly reminded about what your Ex is currently doing. And your Ex's life will always sound better than your own life.
  4. Avoid the places you frequented as a couple.
  5. Put yourself in situations to meet all kinds of new people on a casual basis. General networking with members of the same sex and of the opposite sex can be your ticket to future fun times.
  6. Don't feel as if you need to jump back into the dating pool. Don't date someone as a substitute for, or to take revenge on, your Ex.
  7. Stuff any photos, mementos and gifts from your Ex into a decorative box and put it on a shelf. One day you may be able to open it and fondly reminisce.
  8. Make a schedule of fun. Make commitments to do fun things with other people. If you are working, make sure that you have something scheduled for the weekend.
  9. Try being alone sometimes. Allow yourself to be emotional. Having a good cry from time to time can do wonders to help you move on with life. But set yourself a time limit; don't wallow in self pity.
  10. When you are feeling down about breaking up with your Ex, remind yourself of all the reasons why the relationship wasn't working for you.


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