How To Forgive the Other Woman

As a woman, the last thing you will wish to know is that your man is cheating on you. However, there really are instances that this happens. In this case, it will not be healthy to bring out all your anger to the other woman. Still, she deserves your forgiveness, too.

Most of the time, a woman can forgive what her man has done to her but definitely not what his other woman has done. Though revenge can always come in your mind, it is not the right thing to do. Your forgiveness is the only key to make all your lives peaceful again. So here, check out all these tips to help you in forgiving your man's other woman:

  • Understand where the other woman is coming from. You may not know it, but your partner had possibly lied to her as well just like how he had lied to you. There are always chances that the other woman does not know anything about you and your relationship with her man. If you have believed in your man's lies before, it is not far that his other woman has believed the same lies as well. Even if she knows about you, there is no point in taking your feelings to her. This will not do anything good to solve the problem at hand.
  • Move on with your life. Some relationships just don't work forever due to several reasons. Accept this fact and continue living your life for the better. Fighting and revenging on the other woman can only lead you not only in physical and emotional troubles but as well as legal ones.
  • Accept that it is you and your partner's problem. Stop blaming the other woman for having an affair with your partner. Even if he says that the woman was the first one to approach him, he must be responsible enough to say no because of his commitments to you. With this, there is no point to take grudges to the other woman especially if she decided to end the relationship with him already.
  • Understand what forgiveness is. Others will simply think that they need to become friends with the other woman to indicate their forgiveness. You can forgive her and have no contact for the rest of your lives. The act of forgiving is something that you must do for yourself so as to lighten your loads and move on peacefully and happily with your life.
  • Understand that she is not the one who cheated. It is your partner who cheated on you so he must be the one to take all the responsibility. Talk to your partner and in due time, forgiveness will come in. Both of you can also go on a counseling therapy to help you move on with your life together.

Though the woman is the one who caused a lot of problems in your relationship, it is a must that you forgive her. Once you completely understand the situation, it will not be hard for you to do so anymore.


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