How To Form a Playgroup for Toddlers

Socialization is one of the skills that need to be introduced and developed in every toddler.  This skill should be encouraged and promoted early on to ensure that your toddler will be able to cope with society as he matures.  One of the best ways to start getting your toddler socially ready is to form a playgroup for toddlers.  This playgroup will allow your toddler to hang with other kids his age.  This socialization will lead to early language development that will definitely be beneficial as they mature.  At the same time, the playgroup will give mothers and fathers a chance to share new ideas about raising children and may even forge new friendships.  Here are some tips on how to plan and form a playgroup for toddlers.

Plan the playgroup.  Every event starts with planning.  The same goes for a toddler’s playgroup event.  Start it out by planning every detail.  Make sure you have a venue in mind, toys and play furniture ready and available, and all the other details such as time, date, and age requirements.  Since you are planning to make this thing a regular event, then you may want to finalize other details like the frequency of each event, the number of total children you can accommodate, and the time-frame of each playgroup session.  Obviously, you will want to discuss these with all the other parents in the playgroup but since you are starting from scratch, it would be wise to plan it all yourself.  Once the playgroup community grows, then you can ask other parents to pitch in with ideas and work.

Market the playgroup.  Once the date, time, and venue of the first playgroup session are set in stone and all the other details are in motion, the next step is to let people with toddlers know about the playgroup.  If you have the budget, you can always use the radio and newspapers to advertise your playgroup.  However, going around the neighborhood and giving flyers to each and every person you encounter may serve the same purpose at a more cost-effective experience.  Another thing you can do is post flyers or posters on community boards, libraries, and other public places.  Go door to door and invite your neighbors with their own little ones as well.

Prepare the venue.  Since you initiated the playgroup, then it is your responsibility to prepare and host the first session.  Start out by preparing the venue for the children that will grace the occasion.  Childproof the whole area to ensure total safety.  You will want to serve some snacks and refreshments for the children and parents as well.

Ask other parents to join the program.  When the day comes for the first ever playgroup session, talk with all the parents and discuss the possibility of them coming aboard and volunteering to participate in running the playgroup.  Obviously, you can’t really do it all by yourself.  Ask them to volunteer time and money.  To cover the costs, ask each parent to sign up as a member and agree on a regular membership fee.  Bear in mind that not all will volunteer their time, effort, and resources to the group but you should at least find a couple of members willing to take the extra step with you.

Forming a toddler’s playgroup will enable your child to socialize early with other kids his age.  At the same time, you can socialize with other people in similar situations as well.  Start your own playgroup now and make sure your child develops the social skills he will need later on in life.


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