How To French Kiss a Boy: Create the Perfect Kiss

Learn About the Art of Kissing

Coupler kissing outdoors
If you're ready to take your relationship with a boy to the next level, you may be considering French kissing. This can be quite a passionate display of romantic affection, so you should make sure you're ready before taking this step. It can be scary, especially if it's your first time. French kissing looks complicated, but it's actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it.  These steps will help you create the perfect kiss:

Step 1

Check your hygiene. Make sure you have brushed your teeth recently, and you haven't eaten any smelly foods since then. If in doubt, pop a breath mint. Also make sure to moisten your lips by licking them or applying a thin layer of lip gloss. Don't use a thick layer of gloss or lipstick; most boys won't like the taste, and they certainly don't want your lipstick to come off on their lips and leave red lipstick kisses, like in the movies. However, dry lips do not move well together, and can make the kiss awkward.

Step 2

Find a romantic spot. It's not romantic to kiss a boy somewhere busy, with tons of people watching. Instead, find a quieter spot. For example, kissing in a park can be very romantic.

Step 3

Lean in. Angle your head; otherwise your noses will get in the way of the kiss. Tilt your head slightly to the side to avoid this, but make sure you don't both tilt your heads to the same side. Look into the boy's eyes as you lean in, but close your eyes for a more romantic kiss.

Step 4

Kiss. Start with a gentle closed-mouth kiss. Do not learn into the boy with your mouth already open wide.  Once you are kissing, open your mouth slightly, and rush your tongue against the boy's lips very slightly. If he does not respond or he pulls away, save the French kiss for another time. If he seems open to it, slowly open your mouth a little more, and gently push your tongue a little farther into his mouth. Do not stick your tongue too far out; this can be uncomfortable for both of you. Go slow, and remember to breathe through your nose as you kiss,and don't get anxious - no two kisses are the same, and there's no one "right" way to kiss. While kissing you can also wrap your arms around the boy. Don't just let your hands hang by your sides, because it will seem like you're not interested in kissing.

Step 5

End the kiss. There are no rules on how long to kiss. Once you are done kissing, start to pull away slightly. Hopefully, the boy will get the hint and start to pull away too. Otherwise it can be awkward. Do not pull away too suddenly. Don't be afraid if your first French kiss does not go quite according to plan. It will get easier with practice.

Now you know how to French kiss a boy. If your first kiss wasn't what you thought, keep practicing these techniques  - chances are, he won't mind! 


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