How To Get a Boy to Like You or a Girl to Like You

In love (or like) with a guy (or girl)? Join the club! Why not be proactive, and do something about it? Here are some of the ways that you could get a boy or a girl to like you: 

  • Be the best you can be. It all starts with appreciating who you are and valuing yourself. Develop yourself and attempt to reach your full potential, in all aspects: physical, social, mental, emotional, spiritual. And it shouldn’t be about pleasing that lucky girl/guy either; it should be all about you, how you want to shine because you know that you can. You’ll find that you enjoy your new self so much that you’ll just radiate with newfound joy and confidence, and there’s nothing more attractive than that combo.
  • Look and smell nice. These are really so important. This shows that you can take care of yourself, and that you value yourself enough to spend time to make yourself presentable.
  • Do a little bit of research. There are so many ways that you could find out more about your potential significant other in a non-invasive way. There are  social networking sites like Facebook, for one, where you could find out about his interests, birthday, hang-out places, etc. This doesn’t mean you should necessarily stalk him however (which would be the opposite of attractive). This is just a matter of being prepared with topics to talk with him when you have a chance to.  
  • Be realistic. Though you may have a perfect ideal guy/girl in mind, sometimes, it’s simply better to be practical and set your sights on people who are within your reach. Instead of dreaming about that golden blonde cheerleader you never have a chance to talk to in school, why not consider going out with one of the girls in your group? Remember, sometimes true love is somewhere you never thought looking.
  • Enjoy the game. As much as possible, adopt a light and happy attitude about the whole getting-him-to-notice-me phase. Go out with your friends more (and “accidentally” hang out where he’s likely to be), dress up, look good, have fun. This whole phase should be one you could look back on with a smile on your face, for all its frivolity and playfulness. The point is, you should value this season of singleness. There’s nothing more light and full of potential than a life of single bliss!
  • Be friends with him first. This is the final tip here, but one of the most important. He won’t like you unless he knows that you exist! Again, find out where he usually hangs out, and get your friends to be there with you when you make your move. They’d help you boost your confidence, plus if things go a little wrong then they should be able to back you up. 

Remember, getting a girl or guy to like you is all about getting her/ him to know you first. At the same time, you should also make the effort of liking and developing yourself. If you like yourself enough, it won’t be hard for another person to like you too! All these tips should work in conjunction with one another: get him to notice you, and shine with the that’s his problem entirely! Move on to someone more worthy of your attention! Good luck, and hope this helped!


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