How To Get a Boyfriend

Are you feeling left out since all your friends have boyfriends? If you want a boyfriend of your own, there are steps you can take. Follow these guidelines and you can get a boyfriend in no time.

  1. Be friendly to all groups of people. Schools often have a mix of people who group together. Remember that groups often tend to change, so be nice to everyone. You can learn a lot from people outside your own group of friends.
  2. Be yourself. High school and college are the times when you develop your own personality and preferences. As you learn who you are becoming, accept it and have fun with who you are. You will attract a boy who is interested in the person you are.
  3. Avoid desperation. Often when you are looking for a boyfriend, you may appear desperate. Don’t announce to everyone you know that you are looking for a guy. Don’t ask those same people to set you up with everyone they know. When you appear desperate, you are not attractive and boys will avoid you instead of coming closer.
  4. Have a life of your own. Have hobbies and interests all on your own. It doesn’t matter what you like – sports, games, debate team, shopping – just have something that makes you interested. These hobbies have the added impact of making you interesting and attractive to others.
  5. Don’t settle. It can be difficult to be single when your friends are coupled up. Still don’t settle for just any guy so you can have a boyfriend. Instead, decide what you are looking for and find a boy who you can talk to and hang out with.
  6. Look to your friends. There are already boys in your life that you like--your friends. It is possible that one of your guy friends wants to be something more and you just haven’t been paying attention. Pay attention to the boys in your life. Is there one you like to spend time with more than the others?
  7. Be social. Go out with your friends to the movies or the mall. Consider heading to your school’s sporting events. Instead of staying home wishing for a boyfriend, get out of the house and meet more people. By meeting people and being friendly, you will make more friends. One of these friends may be interested in more and in becoming your boyfriend.

Just wishing for a boyfriend will not make one appear. Instead of desperately seeking a boy to like you, start liking your self. Have hobbies and interests that you can share when you do get a boyfriend.


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