How To Get a Capricorn Man

Dating a capricorn

Got your eye on a Capricorn man? Pay attention to the steps below and you will capture his heart and his loyalty. If you are drawn to a conservative member of this sign, these tips will help you to get a Capricorn man. 

To get a Capricorn man:

  1. Know who he is. A Capricorn man was born between December 22 and January 19. His earth element makes him motivated and practical. The Capricorn guy takes his success seriously. He reaches for the best in his career and his personal life. Your guy is likely to be powerful with an executive level career. He may be shy and slow to express emotion but don’t worry--he feels his emotions deeply even when he isn’t ready to show them.
  2. Pay attention to what he likes. The Capricorn man likes his woman to be serious about success--almost as much as he is. He tends to be attracted to a woman who speaks his language in conservative undertones.
  3. Meet him on his level. Be willing to play golf and join thecapricorn man Capricorn guy at the club for a sedate drink afterwards. The woman who embraces a Capricorn man will share his climb up the ladder if she is strong and meant to be his partner.
  4. Be willing to commit. While the Capricorn man will not wax poetic in the romance department, he is looking for commitment--the forever kind. He’s too shy and conservative to be the fling type, so if you’re going after him, make sure you will want to keep him.
  5. Work to earn his trust. Trust will not be offered freely by the Capricorn man; it will have to be earned. Pay attention to his tests and be strong. While the Capricorn man may appear to be domineering and fierce, he is really looking for an equal. If you earn his trust, you make the first step toward commitment and partnership.
  6. Be patient. Securing a relationship with your Capricorn man takes time. Be patient with him and his tests. If he is shy at first, give him time to warm up to you. Once he commits, he is worth the wait.
  7. Avoid emotional outbursts. No matter how frustrated you become, try not to lose your temper. The Capricorn man is formal and aloof. He may be uncomfortable if you express emotion openly and he may pull away from you.
  8. Don’t lie. If you are not what your Capricorn man is looking for – conservative, successful and serious – then don’t pretend to be. Trust means more to the Capricorn man than anything, and once you destroy trust, it will be gone forever.

These tips may help you catch the Capricorn man you seek. I hope so. Good luck!


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