How To Get a Date: For Male Teens

Making the Lucky Lady Feel Special

You, as a male teen, may think of girls as unapproachable. After reading this article your attitude towards those mysterious beings will change. I will tell you about tricks that I have learned throughout the years that will help you approach, converse with, and compliment the opposite sex.

First off, before you approach this someone that you like, you must smell appealing to the opposite sex. So, go buy some male body spray, preferably Axe; any that is good smelling will do. After that you will need deodorant; trust me, if this is either your first time, or you still aren't too comfortable around women, you will get sweaty in the armpit areas, and how do you solve that? You guessed it, deodorant. Now the last item on the smell good agenda, breath spray; preferably a minty spray, and it must be applied right before approaching the woman.

Now that you smell good, you are free to approach her, make sure you have her full attention before discussing the matter at hand, and never, ever, let your eyes drift away from hers. Start a conversation by talking about something you know that she likes, a feature of hers (such as her eyes or hair), or something that she is wearing. Once you think she is comfortable with the fact that you are there (meaning she's not trying to end the conversation because she needs to go somewhere, or she's not interested in what you have to say), that's when you tell her that you like her for whatever reasons, like she's smart, beautiful, etc. Check her reaction for good signs like smiling, or blushing, and after you see things like that, you ask the question that you have been dying to ask, "Will you go out with me?"

Next thing you know you will be holding hands, hugging, kissing, you name it. Remember whatever you do just keep the lucky lady happy!

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