How To Get a Girl to Like You

Girls can be complicated creatures. Some are so used to waiting for the guy to make the move, they don’t know what they want until he does. Getting a girl to like you is not just possible -- if you listen to some expert advice on approaching and attracting women, you will gain confidence and succeed. Here are some steps to get you started:

  1. Show an interest. Interest is not about rubbing up against a stranger in a bar. Interest is not just a physical thing, so let her see when you watch her. When you focus on her or take the time to meet her and get to know her, she will see you want more than a quick thrill.
  2. Listen when she talks. Many women are talkers; they like to communicate. Don’t assume you know all about her just from how she looks or the image she projects. Instead, listen when she talks and you will often hear more than you expect.
  3. Pay attention to what she likes. Girls like to know when a guy is thinking about them. When you take the time to learn what the girl likes and doesn’t like, she will know she is on your mind. Learning her likes and dislikes also helps you plan dates and activities together once you get her to like you.
  4. Clean up your act. Guys often skip the step of making themselves presentable before they go out to meet a girl. If you are picking her up after your soccer or baseball game, take ten minutes to shower first. This doesn’t mean you have to be metrosexual or get pretty for the girl. Just show that you care a little about what she prefers and get clean before you get together.
  5. Plan some private time. Having some time alone with the girl you are interested in gives her the chance to really get to know you. She cannot know she really likes you unless you give her the time to know you. This is best done when you can be alone, one-on-one, together.
  6. Assert your independence. Girls prefer men who can take care of themselves. If you can stand on your own two feet, make sure she knows it. Be sure to plan time away from your pack of guy friends so that she can see your independence and your true self.
  7. Be yourself. Having the confidence to be yourself and go after what you want is very attractive. Just being secure in your own skin may be what it takes to get that girl to like you.

You cannot always get the girl you most want to like you. Sometimes you are just not her type. However, your chances improve when you follow these steps and get to know and like the girl you have your eye on.


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