How To Get a Girl's Attention

If you've got a girl on your mind and in your sights, it may be painful to wait for her to notice you. Instead of being patient you might be ruining your chances. The girl might be interested if you could just get her to look your way. Consider following these steps to get a girl's attention.

  1. Start with a smile. It cannot be said often enough. The smile is the first step in most interpersonal communications. No matter where the girl strikes your interest - the mall, hallway at school or in a club - sending a smile her way is a great way to start making contact.
  2. Find ways to cross her path. Consider volunteering for the same project, team or club. Pay attention to the girl's interests and likes so that you can place yourself in the same circles where she travels. The more you are around; the more likely she is to notice you. You can be visible and present without being a pest. Don't follow her like a shadow. Instead, just be visible at an event or activity on occasion.
  3. Be confident. Stand and walk tall instead of skulking through the halls. Even if you aren't the tallest boy in class, you can still get attention by being the most confident one. This doesn't mean you should strut your stuff or pretend you are better than everyone else. Just be aware that you have something to interest the girl.
  4. Say hello. Sometimes the simplest ways are the best. Say hello to the girl when you pass in the hall or during class. You can say hello in passing or consider approaching the girl directly and introducing yourself. Sometimes taking this risk is enough to get a girl interested. After all, girls realize that it takes bravery to approach someone you don't know.
  5. Play to your strengths. If there is something unique about you, use it to make an impression. Think about the sport or instrument you play, is the girl a fan? Or maybe you enjoy art class or computer gaming? Whatever your interests are, they can make you interesting to girls so let the girl see your interests.
  6. Listen when she speaks. One great way to get a girl to notice you is to listen to her. If you have already met in the earlier steps, you can spark her interest by paying attention. There will be many boys who don't listen to her so when you are willing to listen, you will make a great impression and that girl will notice you.
  7. Offer a laugh. Once the girl has turned her head your way, you can keep her attention by having a sense of humor and offering insight or laughs into your friendship. Tell her jokes or just be willing to laugh at yourself.

Getting a girl's attention isn't rocket science. It just takes a little bit of confidence and daring. If you are willing to take a chance, you can get her attention.


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