How To Get a Guy to Like You

Getting a guy to like you can sometimes seem overwhelming. If you’ve spotted him across a room or met him through mutual friends, taking the next step can be scary. Are you confused about how to proceed? For an extensive plan, check out this guide to win his heart and follow these steps below to get started.

  1. Know who you are. You should know who you are, what your assets are and what is attractive about you. If you don’t know what’s interesting about you, how will anyone else? Get to know who you are and what you want. Then you will start to attract others.
  2. Introduce yourself and get to know him. You cannot decide from across the room if you like someone, so don’t expect him to be able to either. If he’s a stranger, you may have to make the move. Introduce yourself with a smile.
  3. Be friendly without playing games. Smiles are essential to your interactions with the guy you are interested in. Smile, be friendly and even flirt if you want. Just be sure that you aren’t playing games. Do not flirt with him and another guy at the same time. It just sends mixed signals. If you are interested in him, make him the focus of your smiles.
  4. Let your confidence show. Confidence is attractive, so let yours become visible. If you like yourself and your life, he might as well. Don’t shrink from your interest. Own it and be confident that it will be returned by the right guy.
  5. Know when to laugh. Having a sense of humor makes it easier to develop rapport with someone. When getting to know him, being able to laugh may get him to notice you as well. By not taking life too seriously, you may set yourself apart from the other girls who cross his path.
  6. Learn what he is interested in. Getting to know a guy means learning what interests him and what matters to him. This knowledge provides you something to talk about. When you find common interests, you are more likely to like each other beyond the first stirrings of physical attraction.
  7. Spend time alone with him. Some guys are difficult to get to know when they’re in a crowd. Spending some quiet time alone will let him see your interest and help him decide if he likes you.
  8. Let him know you are interested. When a guy knows you are interested, it gives him the chance to see you in a romantic way, even if he only ever had friendship on his mind. Letting him know you like him may allow him to see you as a girl he likes in return.

Remember, you cannot force someone else’s interest. By knowing who you are and by being yourself when you are with him, you can get his attention. Realize that when getting a guy to like you, he may only want the friendship type of like. Be honest with your intentions and he is more likely to be honest as well.


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