How To Get Along with your Boyfriend's Friends

Long before you came along, your boyfriend established his close-knit group of friends. And once you hit the picture, you probably felt like you were out of place. It's important for you to get along with your boyfriend's friends. It shows your sweetheart that he doesn't have to choose between you and his friends. And it lets him know that you are fun to be around too. Follow these tips and suggestions if you are wondering how to get along with your boyfriend's friends.

Step 1

Introduce yourself. Avoid awkward moments when you first meet your boyfriend's friends by introducing yourself. Make sure you smile, and look as though you're really happy to meet the guy (regardless of your true feelings). Shake hands if they offer to, and tell him it's nice to meet him. Make an extra point of remembering any new names you learn too. It will quickly put you on a much more personal level with these guys. And that's exactly when you want to happen in order to get along with your boyfriend's friends.

Step 2

Be involved. You don't want to feel like a third wheel when you're with your boyfriend and his friends. Keep your head up and stay involved in the action. Make eye contact with the friends often and try not to seem shy or unimpressed. Your boyfriend's friends will think much more highly of you if you create few waves, so to speak. You need to seem like you're one of the ‘guys'. Ditch the catty gossip and girl talk for whatever topic your boyfriend's friends are discussing. (And yes, you may be forced to show an interest in sports, farts and beer while you're in their company. It's just a fact of life).

Step 3

Try not to be too difficult. Although you may not always agree with how your beau's friends are behaving, you'll get along with them much better if you keep a low profile. Consider whether arguments are really worth having with these guys. And think before making comments that might offend your boyfriend's friends. Make the extra effort to be easy to get along with. Keep your opinions to yourself whenever you can and try not to stir up any trouble.  Guys don't like turmoil.

Step 4

Treat your boyfriend well. As far as your boyfriend's friends are concerned, you're borrowing their pal. He is theirs and they want to know that you are taking good care of him. Don't give your boyfriend's friends any reason to doubt that. Treat your boyfriend fairly, show him lots of love (but not too much in front of the guys), and try your best to make your boyfriend happy. You will get along with your boyfriend's friends if they feel they can trust you to treat your boyfriend right.


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Nos. 3 & 4 are the best tips. Thanks!

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