How To Get Free Baby Stuff

Your expected date is coming near and you worry that your baby stuff are still incomplete. You cannot fully rely on baby showers to complete your baby items so you need to go out of your way to get more stuff for you baby - if possible, for free. Searching for free baby stuff nowadays is not taboo nor should it be looked down on. Times are hard and if you can get free baby stuff, why not? Surely you can make better use of the money saved when you get your baby's things at no cost. If you want to avail of free baby stuff, here are ways on how to do it:

  • Ask relatives and friends if they have baby clothes and other stuff that they do not need anymore. Make sure though that the persons you approach do not have babies of their own. If you have one particular friend who is quite wealthy and can afford to buy new sets of baby clothes each time, ask her for her kids' old baby clothes. She might even give you new ones if she is generous enough, considering that she has the money to make such purchases.
  • Request your pediatrician to share with you some of the freebies given to her by various companies such as Pampers, Johnson and Johnson's, Wyeth and other huge companies that manufacture baby products. Pediatricians are mostly willing to share these things with their patients because it is one way of promoting their profession and inducing people to trust them.
  • Search for baby sites online. is a cool site where you can look for good deals and avail of baby stuff at very low prices and with accompanying freebies. In this website, expectant mothers form a group to help each other out. They usually post information about their pregnancies and the dates they are due. The due dates are recorded in the site according to schedules. The members update each other on the latest baby stuff offers. Whoever has an idea on where to find free baby stuff alerts the other members by posting it on the site bulletin.
  • Subscribe to magazines that cater to mothers and babies. Cut out the coupons and forms from advertisements and send them to the given addresses. If you get lucky enough there are advertisers who offer introductory trial products for free. Acquire as many free package offers as you can.
  • Join online contests. Go to parenting sites and look for contests and promo gimmicks where wonderful prizes are given out. You may win free milk formulas, baby clothes, baby toiletries and many more free baby stuff.
  • Hunt for old baby stuff from neighbors. Go out for a walk and see if you can spot an unused stroller lying around at your neighbor's yard. If you know the neighbor well and you are sure they have no more babies in the house, you can actually ask to have it.
  • Check out and search the kid and baby section for freebies and give away items. People who are moving out and want to lighten their load usually donate their old stuff to communities and is a common beneficiary.

If you are in dire financial need that you can hardly afford to buy the things that your upcoming baby needs, you can enroll in women's welfare groups in your community. These associations can help you obtain free baby stuff and maternal requirements for both you and your baby.


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