How To Get Inside a Woman's Mind

As Billy Joel's song She's Always a Woman suggests, women are too complicated for men to understand. But getting inside woman's mind isn't that complicated, if you just take a little time or make a little effort.


This may be very simple but learning how to listen to what she says can help you a lot. Pay attention to her and let her know that you care what she says and thinks.

Learning how to listen not just to spoken language, but also to her actions, is very important. As the saying goes "Actions speak louder than words." Take the time to know the things she enjoys, watch her favorite movie, sing her favorite song and be familiar with her hobby. Know the things that makes her sad and what makes her happy. These are all clues to what she values most.

Pay attention to her silence. It will tell you more about her than any words ever can. If she is kind and loving and never utters a word when you walk off to attend to your other interests, don't think it's because she doesn't care. She does. If you listened to her silence, you would know.

Most importantly, listen on to what others says about her. Listen to her parents; they would know best for sure! You could ask everything about her to them and they will surely have an answer. Try to do this and the effort will surely be appreciated.

Make her laugh

Although women differ on personality, having a great sense of humor always works. You can joke around that she has a little crush on you or start cracking funny jokes on her. It really depends on how funny you can be! But be sure to be sensitive enough to know when she wants you to be serious. She might accuse you of having no depth if you will start to joke around her serious questions.

Be honest

If you will make attempts to understand the way she thinks simply to make yourself look good or for the things she does for you, she will know. If you really want to get inside a woman's mind, let her know that your intentions are clear and pure. They say women have a sixth sense when it comes to being lied to. Maybe it's a gift. The emotions make them sensitive to the truth and they don't tolerate a liar. So be honest.

In the end, you could read everything about entering inside a woman's mind but the truth is you just have to be yourself. It's that plain and clear.  If a girl doesn't like you for who you are, just stop. Cause if you have to change who you are to attract, or keep a girl, you are cheating both yourself and her.


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