How To Get My Wife to Leave Me

When for you, everything is over and it's just simply impossible get the old spark back, it may be time for you and your wife to go and be separated. Here are certain things you can try to make your wife pack her things up and leave through the door.

  • Think it Over. First, you've got to make sure your wife is not a super hero; you don't want to find yourself messing up with one. But seriously, you've got to be sure that making your wife leave is the thing you want and it's not just a sudden impulse or something. You should be more than 100 percent sure that it's what you want. You don't want to regret it in the end.
  • Spill it Out. Talk to her calmly and ask her to leave. Give her dignity and respect by not putting all the guilt on her. Tell her that it was never her fault and that she deserves someone better. You can also tell her that it's just you and you're very sorry for it. Blaming yourself for the separation might make your wife come to her senses and just accept the fact that you're through instead of making things more tedious than they really need to be. But if she doesn't agree at first, explain your reasons. Once she stops nagging, tell her you know it's really the best thing for you both, and based on some experiences from the last few years of your loveless relationship. Remind her that she's never home at night. You never had sex, or even kissed, in more than a month. You had different vacations at the same time and don't see each other on weekends. You already have separate bedrooms. It's like you're never a couple at all and separating will never be a big deal. If all the explanations and all these putting all the blame in you still don't work, maybe it's time to think about ending the "Mr. Nice Guy Act".
  • Make her Leave. Treat her like she doesn't exist. She will definitely feel that the relationship is over if you take her for granted and ignore her. If she cooks food, don't eat it. Don't look at her and pretend there's no one there. If she asks for something, act like you never heard a thing.  Make the relationship more difficult than it should be, and maybe she'll think about leaving. If it seems like she was even enjoying the silent treatment. Start throwing bad words at her; it's a sure-fire way to get her considering about getting out of the door. This method will only work if you use to tender towards her. If you already insulted her from the start, then insulting her now won't possibly do you good. But if she still finds a way to stick with you even after all these things, you might start thinking about you leaving instead of making her leave. Your wife might be a superhero.


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