How To Get off Welfare Assistance

Welfare is given to individuals who are in dire need of financial help. People tend to associate the phrase "being on welfare" with the sick people, the disabled, war veterans, senior citizens, or the chronically unemployed.

There is a continuously raging debate on whether or not welfare assistance programs should exist. On one hand, people claim that citizens have a moral obligation to help those who are in need. On the other hand, there are those who say that one has no such moral obligation, and that those who do decide to help the poor should do so on their own terms, without government coercion.

Regardless of where you stand in this debate, if you are on welfare and want some ideas on how to get off welfare assistance, the following guidelines might help:        

  • Focus on your education. It's widely accepted that a good education is crucial for financial prosperity. The better your education, the more you can earn for every hour that you spend working. Degree holders have a high chance of getting better jobs and avoiding welfare dependence. But keep in mind that education does not have to come exclusively from school. If you find yourself working in a minimum wage job, you can get yourself a useful education by simply understanding the functions of upper or middle management. Look at what they do their jobs, how and why they do them. When you see an opportunity to take on more responsibility, use it to learn more about the business that you're working for.
  • Seek cheaper child care. Some single moms seek welfare assistance because they are having trouble paying for all the costs of raising their children. Cutting costs doesn't mean cutting back on quality; it may simply mean doing things differently. For example, you could find a support group comprised of single moms and then make arrangements with them to take care of each other's children on a rotating schedule. Think of it as a community driven day care center.
  • If the prices of basic necessities in your area are high, move to another place. Prices of food, groceries, and other basic commodities are much lower in other places. If you can find a spot where the necessities are less expensive, it may be best to move there and start a new life.
  • Look for work that can help you get off welfare. A little bit of creativity can take you a long way. For example, you could start your own online business while doing your regular, minimum wage job. It's especially easy and cheap to do this using the Internet. There are many stories of individuals who got out of a financial rut by starting their own businesses. In many cases, they simply took a hobby or a passing interest and then developed it into a website that helped others find products and services that they needed.

You can try something similar. If you take stock of all the things that you can do well or have an interest in, you're bound to find skills that can be starting point of an online business.


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