How To Get Online Resources and Assistance for Single Moms

Single moms don't have it easy especially in today's economy. They have to function both as mother and father to her children. A single mom has to take care of the physical, emotional and financial needs of her family. What makes the job more difficult than it already is is the lack of resources and assistance for single mothers.

Often times, the father of the children is unable to fulfill his duties to the children. So where is the single mother to go? Apart from the assistance provided by family members, friends and maybe co-workers, a single mother can find support from other sources as well. In today's Internet age, it is easy to find online resources and assistance set up for single moms.

Mothers and other women can take advantage of various programs that give out scholarships, grants, financial assistance as well as counseling support and more. Some of these programs that you can find online are:

  • Single Mom Financial Help offers support resources for single mothers. The information in this site ranges from government financial help, education financial help, home&mortgage help, work from home moms, credit and debt advice and budgeting and saving money. The site not only has articles that single moms can use as resources to better their lives and the lives of their children, but it also points single moms to various institutions and groups that provide assistance in different ways.
  • Project Working Mom aims to help single moms locate online educational programs. You can apply for online education or even finish the college degree that you had to set aside. This site gives you possible options for paying for your schooling. It has resources that prepare you to become an online student. And most importantly, it connects you to other single mothers who have decided to complete their education online.
  • Women's Independence Scholarship Program, Inc. (WISP) recognizes that education is a very powerful tool that can help build better lives. They offer programs in various state supported and private colleges, universities, technical schools and proprietary schools. All the information you need to know in order to apply is in their website. Visit their site to find out more about WISP.
  • U.S. Department of Education's Federal Pell Grant is a program that awards financial aid through an education institution. It targets low-income individuals and the amount of grant is based on the individual's Expected Family Contribution.
  • Financial Help for Single Mothers does not exactly give single moms financial aid. But, the site offers information and resources that can help single moms better understand what's out there for them and how to get assistance.

These are just some sites you can explore. You can also visit your state's website to find financial assistance. Different states have state-assistance programs for healthcare, childcare, food and supplies, education, transportation and even rent and housing. Don't forget to look for single moms' communities and forums on the web. This is a great way to connect with other single mothers who may be experiencing the same challenges as you.

Being a mom is not a walk in the park. Being a single mother is even harder especially if you don't have the right resources or the support that you need. If don't find the right resources and assistance online, don't hesitate to find help from your local community.


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