How To Get Over a Guy Who Has Rejected You (with Dignity)

A woman's feelings are slightly different from that of a man's. A guy being dumped by a girl can get over it in just days or months because in most cultures and settings, the man courts the woman. A dumped guy gets over it by drinking and chatting with friends.

It is more complicated when a guy dumps a girl. A dumped girl meanwhile stays in her room, crying. She can't eat, or in the worst case scenario, may commit suicide. Don't waste your life because of a single man; there are many guys there waiting to be noticed. Here are some things to do in order for you to accept the fact that you and your love are breaking apart.

  • Be strong and muster up the courage and control to stop crying. Instead of crying, take a cold hard look at the reasons why you've been rejected. No matter what the reasons are, summon up your courage, thank him for the relationship you have had with him and leave him alone. When you are away from him, release all the emotions and cry. The kind of man who dumps a girl for no valid reason is not worthy of you.
  • Make yourself feel better after the breakup. It is very difficult for you to feel better after the breakup especially if this is your first one. Do what you think is good for you like crying and do other things that can help you recover from that bad memory.
  • Share your feelings with your loved ones. Your family and friends can help you cope with your problem. Talk to them and let out the emotions. Expect them to give you words of comfort. Company is great during this time of grief. Bond with your family and friends to slowly forget that worthless guy.
  • Forget that guy. He dumped you. Delete any information on your cell phone, his contact number, address and anything about him. Remove him from your friends list on FaceBook, and email. There are many men there that are worthy for you, just keep looking. If it is destiny for you and that guy to be with each other, he will contact you and beg to have you come back into his life.
  • Think that the breakup is just another event that will make you a better person. Focus on other things like studying hard, changing you looks and attire and exercise or join club activities. This is an opportunity for you to acquire self confidence so that is you do go through another breakup in the future, you'll be ready for it.

It is better to be single than being tied to a person who does not love you. A guy who is not serious in a relationship does not deserve to be loved. It is better to be alone than to be with him. Don't force yourself into a relationship that you know will not work.


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