How To Get Proof He's Cheating w/o Getting Caught

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What is sweet in the beginning somehow turns bitter in the end. Whether you like it or not, in the long run, you will eventually get tired of each other. You may have already lost the ‘spark’ in your relationship long before you noticed, being both too busy working and maintaining the family. There will come an inevitable time in most relationships when you start doubting each other’s loyalty. Your mind will be intensely disturbed with fear and anxiety about your spouse. You’d want to clear all doubt in your mind but naturally you wouldn’t want to offend him by asking him frankly. It would be a risk too great to take. After all, it may simply be a product of your malice and imagination and maybe he’s been faithful all along. Nevertheless, to pacify your questioning mind and doubting heart, you might as well find if he’s cheating or not, through subtle ways and without getting caught.

  1. Get hold of his cell phone in his sleep. Check the phonebook for maliciously sweet names or terms of endearment. However, names like Honey or Cherry do exist so be extremely patient and careful. They may just be people from his office or distant cousins or friends. Check the message inbox, outbox and sent items folder. If you do find a sweet exchange of words between him and a certain name in the phonebook, get the number and call it if you must.
  2. Check his laundry. Check for new ties or handkerchiefs which he may have bought himself for fancy dates or which may have been given to him as gifts. Also check his fresh laundry for the scent of women’s perfume.
  3. If his overtime sessions are becoming frequent, try innocently calling a co-worker or his boss, asking them to watch over him out of your concern for his health and so forth. If he has been lying, his work friend or boss may feel guilty and tell you, the loving and dutiful wife, the truth that he hasn’t been working overtime in the office.
  4. Upon arrival and before he hits the shower, try giving him a gentle peck or a hug, smelling for women’s perfume or shampoo.
  5. In his sleep or while in the shower, check his wallet for pictures other than yours.
  6. If, one weekend, he claims to be on a night out with the boys, try calling his closest friends one by one, with the alibi that he left his wallet or medicine. Certainly, one of them would be honest enough or feel enough guilt for you, the worried wife, and tell you straight that your husband isn’t with them.
  7. If you’re not that nosy a person, and you simply cannot tolerate personally spying on your husband, you may try hiring a private investigator to follow up your husband’s movements outside the house and the office.

It is very important to remember that doubts should remain as doubts unless proven true. Until you get ample proof that he is cheating on you, proceed with your subtle investigation carefully and without premature judgment that may ruin your relationship. Don’t contemplate on maybes and what ifs. Worry about things after you’ve proven your theory correct. If you are wrong, you should feel terribly sorry and love your husband all the more. He may have simply been neglecting you out of his tiredness at work. Be sorry for having a big nose and try arranging a relaxation treat for him at the spa or somewhere he really likes like monster trucks or something.


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