How To Get Rid of Ear Wax in a Child

The ear canal is the most sensitive part of your ear structure. It houses the ear wax, which is normally found in that area. You can clean your own ear but when it comes to your child who is incapable of cleaning it himself at the moment, you should practice the safest way to get rid of your child’s ear wax. Normally, people use a Q-tip or a cotton bud to scoop out the wax from the ear canal, but since a child’s ear canal is narrower than an adult’s, the chances of pushing the ear wax deeper into it is highly possible. Here are some ways to get rid of your child’s ear wax safely:

  1. Before proceeding, if you are doubtful or you are scared to clean your child’s ear by yourself, you should enlist the help of your child’s ear doctor to examine and remove the ear wax that is blocking your child’s ear canal. The ear wax is naturally soft but it can become hardened over time when the wax is not removed. This can cause blockage in your child’s ear and oftentimes, hearing a ringing sound or experiencing pain. Your doctor may instill a few drops of ear wax softener in each ear, tilting your child’s head and holding it in that position for a few minutes. Your doctor will then scoop up the softened wax or he can flush it out gently with a sprayer.
  2. Another way to get rid of your ear wax gently is to instill a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in each ear one at a time. You should tilt your child’s head to one side to put in s few drops in his ear. Hold him in that position for a few second and tilt the head vice versa to drain the hydrogen peroxide from the ear. You can use a soft cotton ball to wipe the excess liquid from the outside of the ear. Do this step with the other ear. Remember to let the hydrogen peroxide bubble for a few seconds to dislodge the ear wax.
  3. There is a more natural way to soften the ear wax from your child’s ears. Use mineral oil to do this naturally. Instill a few drops of the mineral oil into your child’s ear to soften the ear wax, tilting your child’s head to the side and holding that position for a few seconds until the ear wax is softened. The softened wax will eventually come out by itself.
  4. Hold a warm water bottle or a warm cloth to your child’s ears. You can have your child rest his head on this warm cloth. Make sure it is warm and not hot that can burn your child’s skin. After a few minutes the temperature of the warm cloth can melt the ear wax and can be easy to remove.

Remember that prevention is often the best way to avoid problems with ear wax in your child’s ear. Always clean the outside of your child’s ears with a soft cotton ball after bathing to prevent water from staying in the ear canal and can cause bacteria.


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