How To Get Unique Wedding Ideas

A wedding is a once in a lifetime chance of showing your special someone, and both your families, friends and relatives how much you love each other. While many couples choose to get married the traditional way, depending on culture and upbringing, some couples want to make their wedding day as unique as possible. Some go for themed weddings. Some adopt certain cultural practices. Whatever the case, a unique wedding will be something to enjoy. You and your guests will also remember the event years after the wedding itself.

A wedding would usually involve a unique theme, around which everything else revolves. The couple may wear a certain costume, or the wedding venue might be decorated in line with the theme. A unique wedding can also be held at an unusual venue. Here are some ways to come up with unique wedding ideas.

Favorite characters from literature, movies or TV shows.
Throughout time, there have been famous celebrities or fictional characters that have been identified with romance. For instance, your wedding can have a Romeo and Juliet theme. Or maybe you can go as Aragorn and his elven wife Arwen from Lord of the Rings. Whatever theme you choose can inspire the costumes of the bride, groom, and the wedding entourage. The decoration of the wedding and reception venue can also follow. Either bride or groom to be might have a special affinity with these literary figures, and using these as a theme for the wedding would, indeed, be special.

Periods or history. Most weddings today follow modern customs and attire. You can make your wedding more unique by researching the customs and the costumes popular in certain periods in time. For instance, you can hold a wedding with Elizabethan or Victorian attire. Or, how about an ancient Roman theme? You can be dressed as an emperor and empress.

Notable places. Aside from having a special theme based on literary figures, places that are special to a couple can also make for a unique wedding venue. For instance, the couple may have met at a certain beach or island. Or maybe they both share a special interest, and met at a theater or some other special place. Perhaps the couple is fond of picnicking at a certain spot in the park. Holding a wedding, or the reception, in these special places could be a unique idea. Be sure to check with custom, as some religious authorities only allow weddings to be held in the church or place of worship.

Special materials. If you are not as bold as to have your entire wedding involve a fiction or fairy-tale based theme, a couple can perhaps use materials that have special significance to both. For instance, if one is interested in marine biology, then shells can be used in the décor, the invitations and place cards.

Food. Apart from the venue, attire, and materials, even the food can be unique. A wedding reception is meant to be enjoyed, and your guests will surely appreciate a good meal. Why not make it worth their while by serving fare that is not common in your culture. You can borrow ideas from cuisines from around the world.

Planning a wedding can be both exhausting and enjoyable. It would be more worth it if you are holding a wedding with a unique touch. It would not only be enjoyable, but also a memorable affair for both couple and guests.


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