How To Get Your Boyfriend Back

Relationship conflict

When you and your boyfriend break up, it may seem like the end of the world. Regardless of the reason of the breakup, you may still be in a place where you are not ready to let go. If you want to win back your man, there are do's and don't that you need to keep in mind. Here's what you need to do.

  • Do assess what went wrong. Determine what behavioral or attitude problems you had in the relationship that contributed to its demise. Were you too clingy? Was it dishonesty? Are you not affectionate enough? Take a long good look so you can see with an impartial eye what things need to be corrected. Keep in mind that you can only control your end, not his, so focus on your behavior and what you need to do.
  • Do show him what's new. When you're around him or his friends, show how you've addressed the problems. For example, instead of going on a jealous rampage when he talks to the waitress, simply smile and ignore it. You don't have to be in his face about your new and improved self, so be subtle about the change in your energy and attitude.
  • Do go back to basics. Try to recreate and redo the things that made him fall in love with you in the first place. Did he like you because you're an avid listener? All men are looking for validation and want you to express how proud you are of them. If you've grown disconnected, go out on dates again, maybe even to special places that mean something to both of you. Do the simple things like holding hands and saying "I love you".
  • Do get a makeover. Make his eyes fall out of his sockets. Whenever you go out, make sure you are in your best look. Get your hair done, put on some sexy and strappy heels and get out there. Don't do it for the purpose of running into him, but if you know he'll be going to a party you're also invited to, don't come in looking like a hag. He needs to see you in a new light, and a makeover is sometimes the most obvious way to do it.
  • Don't use sex or pregnancy. You'll only get hurt and end up feeling used if you do. Although seduction does have it's place in a relationship, now is not the time if you're trying to win him back. You need to work out your issues first before you hit the sack. Never get pregnant to keep a man because it never works. You'll just create more stress and problems.
  • Don't announce your problems to the world. If you want your relationship to have a chance at reconciliation, you need to make sure he'll be welcomed back by your friends and family. If you reveal all the dirty details and all his faults, your loved ones won't be supportive about your efforts in trying to get back together with him.

Don't try to get your man back because you think you can't do better or you're afraid to die an old maid. You should only want to rekindle a relationship because there is still love that is present. If you do try and things don't work out, at least you know you gave it a shot. Don't think your efforts will be wasted since the next man will see what a catch you are!


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