How To Get Your Girlfriend to Kiss or Hug You More Often

Is your relationship missing something? Or do you just wish you and your girlfriend shared more kisses and hugs? If you want to get your girlfriend to offer more kisses then keep reading. Follow these steps and you and your girlfriend can have more cuddle time.

  1. Take care. Don’t forget that she is a person with feelings and if a girl has decided to be your girlfriend she already sees something in you. Remember that you also see something in her, so pay attention to her feelings and take care of her.
  2. Find out why she doesn’t hug you often. Before you start putting on the pressure or doubting her feelings, find out why you aren’t getting the kisses and hugs you want. Ask her if there is something else she needs or a reason why she doesn’t kiss you. Talk to her about what you want, she may want the same things but not know how to express it.
  3. Clean up your act. The scruffy bad boy may attract some girls but it isn’t always the best way to get close. For nights when you want to get close take care of your hygiene with a shower and brush your teeth. If you smoke or drink an extra beer, that may be what’s keeping your girl from drawing you close so clean up your act.
  4. Remember there is more to being a boyfriend than making out. You may want to ask yourself whether what you want is reasonable. If she is your first girlfriend you may have noticed that your friends seem to make out all the time but you and your girlfriend do not. Or you may have had previous girlfriends who spent more time kissing than talking. Before you decide you aren’t getting kissed enough, make sure that you and the girl are on the same page.
  5. Remember the little touches. You shouldn’t just move in to make-out sessions whenever you see your girl. Start slow with little kisses and touches. Hold her hand and rub her back when out in public together. The small touches let her know you are thinking about her.
  6. Talk to her. Getting to know your girlfriend and what she likes will help you know what it takes to get close. Listen when she talks and focus on her.  
  7. Offer affection. Don’t expect your girlfriend to make all the moves. Instead you need to offer affection of your own. Offer kisses and hugs and you can nudge the girl to offer kisses in return.

Getting your girl to kiss or hug you more often may take some patience. If you follow these steps you should be able to determine why you aren’t getting the kisses you desire and let your girl know you are interested in more.


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