How To Get Your Husband to Appreciate Your Marriage

Many women complain about how their husbands can be so cold and indifferent at times. Often the complaints are: He is not sweet; He is very quiet most of the time; He forgets our anniversary; He does not give me flowers on special occasions.

With these protestations in mind, women start to entertain thoughts that maybe their husbands don't love them anymore, or that they don't appreciate their marriage.

Well, the good news here for women is that men are naturally not demonstrative of their feelings and thoughts. Sometimes, even if they really, really like your cooking, they just sit and gobble up the food without saying anything, but the proof is there - empty plates and food gone from the bowls.

But wives, if you really want your husband to appreciate your marriage and the things you do for him, your home and your family - there is no better way than to continue doing what you usually do with additional efforts of pampering him every now and then.

  • When he gets home tired from work, let him rest before calling him to dinner. If he comes home late and the children are already hungry, let them eat on their own. But always see to it that you join your husband later on at the table when he has already rested and is ready to eat.
  • Another way of getting your husband to appreciate your marriage is by keeping silent when he wants silence. Women are by nature fussy and talkative. But this trait can irritate your husband when overdone and when done at the wrong time. For instance, don't start complaining to him about the broken sink or leaking roof as soon as he gets out of his car from work. In the same way, leave him alone in his study if you see he is seriously working and finishing some paperwork for the office the following day. Instead, quietly slip into the office with a cup of coffee for him to sip while he is busy with work.
  • If you want your husband to appreciate your marriage, show him that you do appreciate your marriage and the things he does for you and the family. Make him feel he is needed, though avoid being too clingy. Show him you think of him every time he is away from home by sending him text messages (but not too often) or sending him voicemails, or just giving him a brief call.
  • Taking the extra effort of learning to cook new recipes is a generous step. As the cliché goes, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Serving your husband delicious meals every time is the most effective approach of making him appreciate your marriage.

For your husband to appreciate your marriage, don't neglect your wifely duties and obligations. Take care of him, as well as of yourself and your children, and rest assured he does appreciate your marriage very much although he may not show it.


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