How To Get Your Wedding Bands Engraved

Thinking about getting your wedding bands engraved? Inscriptions on wedding bands are romantic and have been done for many years. A meaningful inscription also adds a touch of something extra special for a couple’s wedding bands, and is a great way to make them more personalized. Here are some things to consider.

  1. Decide on a perfect inscription. This is where both your personal input and creativity come into play. Brainstorm together with your significant other and decide on the perfect inscription for your wedding bands. If you want to deviate from the traditional couple’s names and wedding date inscription, think of something that has a special meaning to both of you, or something only the two of you can understand. You can use words with personal significance, a romantic message in Latin or other foreign language, a quotation, a line from a favorite song, your special names for each other, a religious phrase, special symbols or logos, a motto, a line from a poem or piece of literature, a line from a movie or TV show, a part from your wedding vows, creative and even quirky phrases. There are a lot of possibilities. Enjoy this creative process together.
  2. Consult a jeweler or an engraving company. It’s ideal if you can have your wedding bands engraved by your jeweler if it is included in his services. If not, you can ask if he can refer you to a reliable engraver. Make inquiries at jewelry shops and specialty gift stores that include engraving services. Once you’ve chosen, schedule an appointment to discuss every aspect of the ring engraving.
  3. Ask relevant questions and concerns and discuss everything you need to know about the engraving process. Now is the time to ask all those questions and let those concerns be known. Ask what would be done if your wedding bands accidentally acquire scratches, damages, or mistakes with the inscription. If you’re worried about the inscription quality—whether it would fade easily or even affect the quality of the wedding bands due to everyday use, then better ask your jeweler or engraver as well. Show them the inscription you want to appear, and how you want it to look like, including particular specifications. Make sure you understand how they’re going to do the engraving.
  4. Ask for samples of their engraving work. Also ask to be shown photos and samples of their engraving work. This will help you cement your decision if you want to employ their services or not. 
  5. Choose if you want your rings to be hand engraved or machine engraved. Usually, hand engravers are artisans that specialize in engraving even the most intricate embellishments on your wedding bands. They do the engraving with a tool called a graver that looks like a miniature chisel. If your inscription requires a more intricate design and a flexible hand in forming it, better go for hand engraving. In machine engraving, the ring is inserted into the machine and it starts forming the letters or designs on the ring. The machine can work with different templates, computer designs, and block letters. For the lettering, you’ll have to inquire if they have the type of font you want for your inscription.
  6. Have your rings sized. Before engraving, make sure to have them size your rings so you can be sure if your inscription can fit or not. If it’s too long, you probably might need to shorten it or change it altogether.
  7. Check their work. When claiming your engraved wedding bands and before paying, check if the inscription is correct and to your liking. Also check that there are no damages to your rings.

Having your wedding bands engraved is simple. Artisans and craftsmen will add beauty and sentimentality to your wedding bands by engraving them with your especially chosen inscription. 


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