How To Get Your Wife to Become Excited for Sex

How long have you been married?  Is your wife becoming less interested in your bedroom encounters?  Do you hurry to go home only to realize that as you jump straight into the bed, your wife more concerned in getting a good sleep than engaging into some bedroom fun?  Well, that’s definitely frustrating.  It may even hit your male ego.  But, don’t worry.   Here are some tricks on how you can bring back your wife’s excitement for sex:

Think again.  You may need to adjust your perspective about keeping a healthy sexual relationship with your wife.  Perhaps, after being together for a number of years, she is expecting romance.  Meanwhile, you are focused on getting just one thing – sex.  Bear in mind that sex and romance are two different things.  You may need to settle for a compromise.  If you want an exciting sexual bout, you should be more than willing to satisfy your wife’s secret wishes.  Be romantic.  Let her experience the thrill of being in love – again.  Consider waking up one morning.  Look at her sincerely and then, whisper how she remained so beautiful throughout the years.  Then, kiss her and give her a warm, happy embrace.

Surprise her
.  Make her day a bit special.  If she has been a plain housewife for years now, doing household chores and taking care of your kids are the highlights of her daily routine.  That’s quite boring.  You may want to go home one night and buy her a bunch of beautiful red roses.  What about a box of chocolates?  You may also connive with your kids.  Give her some tasks.  Require her to go out.  And when she gets home, dinner is already served.  You let her sit down and treat her like a queen.  You should realize that women find it difficult to show affection to men who don’t give any.

Let her prepare for it – physically and mentally.  Women don’t usually spend the day thinking about sex.  Men do.  Women need to account for a lot of things.  If she is working, there’s the office stuff.  When she gets home, she is still in-charge.  She has to set dinner, look after your kids before they sleep, and make sure the next day is hassle-free for everybody.  By the time she is ready for the bedroom, she is certainly too tired to do anything else but to sleep.  Let your wife know what’s going on in your head.  If you feel like spending the Friday evening cuddling, tell her ahead of time.  Inform her that you are coming home early and she should be ready for some quality intimate time.  If that’s the case, she gets to prepare ahead.  It also thrills her to think of the possibility that you may surprise her with something.  Everything becomes more meaningful and anticipation is heightened.

When you are back in your normal mode, learn how to take it a bit slow.  Foreplay can spell the difference.  You may even discuss how to make it more special the next time.


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