How To Get Your Wife to Love You Again

In a perfect world, love lasts.  But in the real world, people just fall out of love.  Sometimes, reasons are clear and obvious.  Sometimes, what happened can’t be explained or readily understood.  Sometimes, a relationship may appear to be tentative and fleeting but it ends up to be stronger and more committed.  Sometimes, it is undoubtedly a match but suddenly, it’s already over and irreconcilable.  Now, if your relationship is shaky, here are some ways on how you can get your wife to love you again:

  1. Make your beloved wife feel special – again.  Women, whether they admit it or not, demand an assurance.  In a relationship, they want to feel comforted.  So, what can be learned from that?  Once your wife has the guarantee that she is your only one and you are doing everything to make her feel your unwavering love, she is less likely to forsake you.  In fact, she is literally going to find ways to bring back and sustain the old, happy feelings.
  2. Give your dear wife the attention she deserves.  You may have been working really hard but that’s not a good reason to ignore your wife.  You may want to call her during your lunch break.  Find out if she had already eaten lunch.  Know about her activities for the rest of the day.  When you get home, before you sleep, strike a conversation.  Ask about her day – what preoccupied her.  If dinner was good, give her credit.  Say how much you enjoyed what she prepared.  These little things can certainly boost her ego and makes her feel truly valued.
  3. Date your darling wife.  Your marriage should not prevent you from spending time together.  Plan how you can spend time together.  Is a Friday a good time to go out for a dinner and then a movie?  Is the next weekend a perfect opportunity to camp out?  You may even spend an afternoon in the park, eating ice cream or just strolling.  These intimate moments are really going to make her value your affection.
  4. Send your lovely wife with something that may complete her day.  What about flowers on Mother’s Day?  A card on Valentines?  A gift when she has accomplished something great?  Little tokens like these remind her how much you think about her.
  5. Convince your sweet wife that you value what she says.  Improve on areas she feels you not really doing well.  Organize your closet space.  Clean up the bathroom after you shower.  Spend time with your kids.  Help them out with their homework.  Stop smoking.  Once she noticed that you were more than willing to change for her, she has no recourse but to reciprocate this with affection, devotion, and love.

When you and your wife have brought back the sparks in your relationship, make your sex more extraordinary.  Let her feel that your sexual encounters are simply all about her.  Please her.  Follow her wishes.  Cater to her demands.  Giving her the control leaves her with no choice – to make you feel happy about everything in your marriage.


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