How To Give a Hickey

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A hickey is often seen as a sign of physical intimacy between two people. The skin discoloration is a bruise that is caused by sucking on the skin. It is easy to give your partner a hickey when you know how.  Just follow these steps:

  1. Get permission and agree on the location. If you plan to give a hickey to mark your territory, make certain your partner agrees. Some feel fine about showing a love mark on their neck, while others don’t want their parents or their boss knowing how they spend their free time. Show consideration and choose a location on your partner’s body you both agree on.
  2. Start with an open-mouthed kiss. Wetting the skin with your kiss will help you get suction.  You can learn some hot kissing tips with the amazing Kissing 101.
  3. Suck the skin into your mouth. Pull your partner’s skin into your mouth and try for a good seal. The tighter your mouth holds on the skin, the more suction you will achieve.
  4. Continue to suck for a few moments then release. It may take a minute for the blood vessels in the skin to break. The blood vessels are what cause the color of the hickey.
  5. Wait for the bruising to appear. It may take a few minutes for the hickey to show up on your partner’s skin.
  6. If the bruising is faint, wait a half hour then try again. Some skin just doesn’t bruise as easily as others and giving a hickey takes practice. So if your partner agrees, just keep trying.

Giving a hickey can be fun, but you want to make sure your partner agrees. Pay attention to how sensitive your partner's skin is. Some people bruise easily and end up with a large splotch instead of the discreet love mark you were hoping for.


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