How To Give Age Appropriate Chores to Your 5 Year Old

Kids who know their responsibilities early on will also grow up to be responsible adults. Start the tradition in your own house by letting them do household chores.

Sometimes a child may not like to do household chores, so make it interesting by giving rewards and treat the chore as a game. They will be encouraged to do a chore if you make it seem like a game. Take note that every child has an appropriate job to do in the house, so it will not be a burden to them.

Every parent knows the capability of their child so they know the limits in giving chores. Always praise children when they accomplish a task, to build your child's self esteem. To know more, here are the tips on how to give age appropriate chores to your 5 Year old.

  • Give your 5 year old kid a task that is appropriate to their age. A 5 year old is capable of doing the following tasks: picking up their toys, feeding the pet, cleaning their room and helping with the dishwashing and laundry. You cannot give your kid more difficult tasks, like cleaning the car, for example. They're too small to do this hard a task. Also, washing the dishes by themselves can also endanger them because of sharp utensils and the danger of slipping. You can ask them to help you with the chores for them to learn more about how the house is run.
  • Teach your 5 year old the chore so they can learn.  They are just kids so they need guidance from their parents. Show them the steps on how to do a certain chore and give them time to learn it. Be sure that they understand it and why they are doing it. Don't expect them to do their chores perfectly. It is the effort and progress that the kid exerted on a chore that must be appreciated. Kids will not offer for help if you discourage them when they work. You can give them advice to help improve their chores, though. If they do a certain chore correctly, be generous with praise.
  • Provide a work schedule for your 5 year old. Children often have other things in their minds, such as school work and play. If they are already attending a school, let them finish their homework first, before giving them their task. Don't give them too many tasks. Provide light chores for them. You can also give them days off.
  • Always praise them for their work. It will help them know that you appreciate what they are doing. It will also boost their self esteem and determination. By doing this little thing, you will help the child grow knowing that they are appreciated. Perfection is not important. What's more important is that your child is willing to help you with the tasks in the house.

Giving young children responsibilities at an early age is one way of ensuring that they grow up to be responsible adults. Be sure to give them age-appropriate chores, and to be generous with giving praise.


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