How To Give Children Praise

Praising your children means you like what they did. This is a way to show that you appreciate them. Praising your kids is one way to boost their self-esteem. Having high self-esteem protects your children from all the challenges that the world imposes. They would have an easier time in handling all sorts of pressure and conflicts that they would encounter. They would have a positive outlook and enjoy life even more. Here are ways to give praise to your children.

Be specific. Giving praise to your children whenever they do specific accomplishments is important. This way your children will know that you pay attention to what they do thus making them feel important and loved. Your child will be happy when he knows that you are also happy with what they did. Instead of saying "You played well during you basketball game," tell them specific praises like, "You did a good job being aggressive in driving to the basket" or "You did great blocking your opponent," and the like.

Be sincere. If you do not mean what you say, your child will not believe you. They will think that what they did is not important and will just forget about it. Make it a habit to praise your children. Ask about their day and praise them for what they achieved. You never know that maybe he waited the entire day just to show or tell you what they did and hear your praises and compliments.

Be positive. Avoid using negative comments or comparison such as "You did a good job, but it could have been better," or "You did very well even if you are so short." Sooner or later, your child will realize that you are comparing him to someone or something else. He will grow up comparing himself or herself against others and eventually have self-confidence issues. He will also think that everything is a competition. This will not be good as your child grows up. Always praise your children constructively and positively.

Praise the new things. Whenever your child does something he has not done before, you should praise them. Make them feel that those are achievements and that you really are proud of them for doing it on their own. Things like your child's first step or his first time to tie his shoelaces will also make you as parents proud for your baby. Do not be ashamed to praise them every time. You will feel awkward praising your children when you do not do it on a regular basis. Praising them for the new things they have done will motivate them to try out other things on their own.

We like being praised for the achievements we have done even as adults. It makes us feel good whenever we do something that other people believe we did a good job on. Our children feel the same way and they need to be praised also. Make praising and complimenting your children a habit in your home.


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