How To Give What Your Husband Wants

Sometimes in a marriage, the lines of communication become hazy or non-existent that makes it difficult for the couple to convey what they truly feel and want from each other. When open communication has not been established at the beginning of the relationship there will come a time when you do will not know what your husband wants, what he thinks and maybe what he wants you to do or change in your habits. It is very important for the husband and wife to understand each other and respect each other’s needs and wants to keep the relationship healthy and harmonious. There should always be a give and take in every situation during your marriage. Here are some tips on how to give your husband what he wants.

  1. Get your husband to talk to you. There should never be a guessing game in your relationship. If you feel that you husband wants to tell you something but hesitates before he can ask, take the initiative to open the conversation and ask him directly what he wants to talk to you about.
  2. Your husband should not initiate intimacy all the time. He wants you to take charge at times. This makes your relationship more exciting and intimate. Sex is an important and integral part of marriage and should be viewed as something that is not gender-specific. Set up the stage for seduction when the time is right as a reward for your husband’s effort to provide for you and your family. Intimacy does not only happen in the privacy of your own bedroom. You can give your husband warm hugs and kisses when he comes home from work. Cuddling with him while watching television is also one way to establish his place in your heart and assure him that you are his partner.
  3. When the kids come, it may be harder for you and your husband to go out on dates. Your husband may have been complaining that you do not have time for him anymore. Whereas evening dates are customary you can double the fun by going on a date during the day. Arrange for the kids to have a baby sitter or when they are in school and ask your husband to call in sick or apply for a one-day leave and treat him to a special meal. Go to the movies and do things that you used to do when you were still dating.
  4. Give your husband the chance to rediscover you. Put on a sexy dress, use some makeup and spray on some exotic perfume after you have pampered your husband with a good meal. Show him the side of you that attracted him before and which prompted him to propose which was lost when you got busy running the household. Your husband wants to see you as an alluring woman once in a while rather than a frazzled housewife burdened with housework and kids.
  5. Give your husband some space. He does not have to be with you all the time for you to know that he loves you. He also needs to spend time out with friends and having a drink and talking about stuff that only guys understand.

Assuring your husband that you love him all the time is a major ego booster. A husband relishes the idea of being needed, of being a provider and being the hottest man you have ever met. Knowing what he wants and catering to these wants assures you a long marriage full of love. 


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