How To Give Your Wife a Massage

If you are willing to maintain a healthy marriage, then romance, fun and soothing activities must become part of a delicate balancing act. An example of this act is to give your wife a restful massage. This can easily soothe your wife's mind as well as her body. Deliberately make things pleasant and relaxing through putting a few flowers, sweet scented candle, soft but cheerful music, and colorful pictures. This is a loving, soothing, and caring way to thank your wife for all the efforts she exerted to keep your relationship with your kids smooth and happy. Below are the steps to show your love, appreciation and affection to your wife through a restful massage.

  • Prepare the following materials: massage oil or lotion, sweet scented candle, rose petals, relaxing surrounding, and a warm bath towel.
  • Consult a massage book on the correct ways and techniques to offer a massage. This will make sure that you are doing the massage the right way and won't do any harm in giving a massage.
  • Use lotion or a massage oil and make sure to have a relaxing environment through candles, flowers, and music if possible.    
  • Before introducing massage to your wife, make sure that your kids are all in their rooms. This will help eliminate both of your shyness and at the same time lessen your stress from taking care of your kids before doing the massage.
  • Choose a beautiful and a restful atmosphere like the bedroom or the bathroom to do the massage. Make it romantic. Fill your bath tub with rose petals. Light scented candles and prepare red wine.
  • Undress your wife smoothly and carefully and let her lie on the massage table or on the bed. Warm the oil or the lotion first before lubricating or applying it on her back, legs and arms. Warm lotion allows a soothing effect on the massaged area. Learn and use some types of massage: (a) efflcurage - doing a soft sliding glide, (b) petrissage - making a large pinch, and (c) tapotement - giving a soft hacking motion on the massaged area of the body especially on the back.
  • Using the warm bath towel, cover the massaged area of the body when you are done massaging one area to go to another area. When you are finished with the massage, wrap or cover your wife with the warm bath towel to make her feel the soothing effect of the massage on her skin.
  • Remember these DOs and DON'Ts.
  • Be sure you know what you are doing. Make sure you're equipped with enough knowledge and skills about massage especially when it comes to some delicate areas of the body.
  • If you think that your wife is not comfortable of what you are doing, try to send her to a massage parlor a single day.
  • Massage her without any sexual intention. Respect and appreciate her decision. But if she initiates contact, follow her lead and just follow along. But never be disappointed if she hesitates to do so.


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