How To Handle a Blind Date

If you are single and looking, then a blind date may be where you find love. Many who have gone on blind dates have not had such great results. This is why people have learned to despise blind dates above any kind of date. You can handle a blind date with class with the proper preparation.

The first thing to remember is to mentally prepare yourself prior to the date. Have an open mind about who you are about to meet. A good thing to remember is to have no expectations. Although the matchmaker has probably told you many wonderful things about this person, you will need to experience them for yourself. Do not go into the date thinking you are going to have a horrible time, and do not go into the date thinking you are going to meet your future spouse. Keeping your expectations low will minimize potential disappointment if this is not the person of your dreams upon meeting.

Conversations can be awkward and even painful at times during a blind date. Prior to the date, it is good to think of some topics to discuss during the date. Staying away from religion and politics is a good idea, so you are not touching on subjects that could be sensitive. Since there was a matchmaker involved, you could ask how long she and your date have known one another. This could lead to conversations about the matchmaker, who is someone that you both have in common.

Staying active during the date is a good ice breaker. Playing mini golf, bowling or ice skating are good activities that keep you moving. These activities also bring out personalities and help you get to know your date a little better. Try and avoid activities such as movies or museums, as these do not encourage talking and may even kill the conversation.

Be prepared for the ending of the date. If the date went well, then suggest another date and exchange phone numbers. If you had some things in common that you discussed (such as a movie that you would both enjoy seeing) then recommend that to your date. You should give a hug, and possibly a kiss on the cheek.

If the date did not go well, then stay polite. The matchmaker went out of her way to set up the date, so you should be respectful. Tell the date that it was great to meet her, and you hope to see her around. Do not say you will call sometime if you have no intentions on doing so.

With the proper preparation you can handle a blind date with class and integrity. Being open minded and keeping your expectations low will lead to success.


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