How To Handle a Cheating Boyfriend

Being in a relationship can be a wonderful experience, but sometimes this experience contains roadblocks along the way, with the most hurtful being a cheating boyfriend.  It's not an easy situation to handle and is definitely a large struggle to overcome. Understanding how to handle this unfortunate occurrence can make it a little easier to work out the situation in the most rational way possible.

Before making any decisions or confronting him it is extremely important to prepare yourself.  Ask yourself what you want to achieve out of the confrontation, and be ready to withstand any lies, promises, or apologies. Although this time in a relationship is very emotional, allowing emotions to handle the problem will only make it worse.  Have a goal in mind and stick to this goal, whether it be finding out why, finding out all the facts, or just making him understand how damaging his actions where.  Be confident and let him know how serious a situation this actually is.

After mentally preparing yourself, it is time to take action.  Don't act casually when discussing the situation with him. Remember the planning you did to prepare yourself for this moment, and stick with that goal in mind.  Listen to him, but make sure he understands that just because you are listening does not mean you are accepting his behavior.  You are listening purely to find out whether this was a one-time fling or if he is bound to cheat again in the future.  Be sure to take this time to discuss the situation with him, but make sure it is after he explains his side of the situation so he cannot manipulate his story around your feelings.

Once all the facts have been obtained and you have a good idea why he cheated, or whether he is likely to cheat again, it is time to make a decision. Ultimately there are only two choices: stay with him or leave him.  It is completely acceptable to give him a second chance, as long as you feel it is well-deserved.  If a second chance is the route chosen, other options such as counseling are available. Take this as a chance to improve your relationship and make it strong again.  If leaving him is what you decide, be proud of yourself for stepping up and taking charge of the situation.  Choosing to leave a cheating boyfriend, if the circumstances call for it, can save you from being hurt in the future and can save you from wasting your time on a guy who will only cheat again.

No matter what road you chose, learn from the experience and grow from it.  Handling a cheating boyfriend is an emotionally draining experience but it can be a maturing experience as well.


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