How To Handle Rebellious Teenagers

Due to many factors, it is perfectly normal that you children during their teenage stage will become rebellious. Know that this is a normal phase that you and your child will experience as part of maturation. However, this stage can be quite critical. You should know how to handle it with care or else your teenage may learn to embrace this behavior which may continue to grow with him onwards to adulthood. So, whenever your child reaches this stage in his life, then here are some things that you can try to help mold him back to the lovable and adorable child he truly is.

  • Communicate with them. Instead of the normal reaction of most parents which is to get mad and scold the teenager, it might be worthwhile to do the opposite. Keep quiet and try to determine the root of the problem. Instead of shouting, talk to them in a relaxed manner and ask directly what is bothering them. This is the perfect time to listen to what they have to say. Make sure that when you listen that you also understand their side. This is the best way to ensure that the lines of communication will always be open. Now, obviously, you should not condone the behavior so, when you are openly conversing, make sure to relay that to them in a calm demeanor. Basically, you want to come off like a friend rather than a parent in this situation.
  • Never judge. One of most common reasons why children rebel is because parents judge them on what they do even if they have not heard their side of the story. Yes, parents often make this mistake. Reflecting on the tip above, it is important to always be open to your teenager and make sure never to judge them. Try to accept them for who they really are and the phase that they are currently going through. Try to empathize instead of judging them.
  • Allow them time to blow off steam. When a situation comes where the teenager is raging, instead of matching that rage with your own, allow them time to blow off the steam before even reacting to them. Sometimes, they just need to release all the pent up frustration before they come to realize the truth of their actions.
  • Get some help. If you are having difficulty understanding your child and handling the situation, it would be wise to get some help. Mutual friends, family members, or a third party mediator would be good choices. You need someone to bridge the gap between you and your kid. Hiring a family counselor to work with both of you is a good idea as well for as long as your teenager is amenable to it.
  • Set some rules and consequences. Before your kid reaches puberty, you will want to set some house rules and the consequences that come with breaking the rules set. This will actually train your child to have a sense of responsibility and that for every action, comes an equal reaction. This means if they break a rule, they will have to deal with the consequence. If they are trained with this concept, then it is highly likely that the rebel in your kid will not squirm its way out.

Handling rebelling teenagers really boils down to the relationship you have with them. If you are able to foster a good relationship with your kid early on, then you can really avoid the worst when he develops into this phase in his life.


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