How To Handle Your Toddler's Public Temper Tantrums

When your toddler resorts to public temper tantrums, things may seem to be out of control.  Your tendency is to panic.  Or, to lose your cool.  Either way, you end up being in an awkward situation.  Here are some steps on how you can effectively handle your young kid’s public temper tantrums:

  1. Going out on public with your toddler requires preparation in your part.  Think of it like as if you are going to a battle.  You need to have enough ammunition to survive the fight.  You should be able to defend yourself in all fronts.  For example, if you are on your grocery stint, bring some snacks for your kid.  Munching something can definitely prompt him to be preoccupied when you are getting those grocery items in your list.  Or, when you are strolling in the park, bring him some toys.  If he suddenly wants to spend time playing, you have something to offer him.  Playing can make his mind forget about getting bored or resorting to public temper tantrums. 
  2. Schedule you public outing properly.  You don’t want to go somewhere exactly on the same time he is supposed to nap or enjoy his meal.  If he is not well-rested and well-fed, his tendency to be agitated or irritated gets higher.  So, let acknowledge your toddler’s routine to avoid hassles in your public outings in the future.  
  3. Learn how to counter your toddler’s public temper tantrums.  When he starts to cry and to go berserk, your initial goal is to either calm or soothe him down. If he becomes more uncontrollable, do your next move.  Ignore him.  This should be done if your cuddling didn’t pacify him.  Now, if you are in very quiet place, say a church or a restaurant, it is not really practical to manage or handle his tantrums right then and there.  You need to do a quick exit to avoid further embarrassment.  You should run straight to your car.  Place your kid into the car seat in front and buckle him up.  Speak to him firmly and say that if he doesn’t stop, you may just simply decide to let him stay there as long as you want.     
  4. Understand why your toddler finds comfort in going into his public temper tantrums.  Is he trying to seek attention?  Is he tired?  Is he hungry?  Does he feel uncomfortable?  Does he want to get something somewhere or from you?  What triggered his temperament to go haywire?  Answering these basic questions can make you more familiar with root of your kid’s tantrums.  You lessen your frustration and you understand better how your toddler behaves.

Your toddler’s tantrums coincide with the time when he is attempting to learn how to master another language.  If he can’t thoroughly express himself, he gets frustrated.  His frustration builds up and that precipitates tantrums.  So, give him some time to grow up properly.  As he gets the ability to express himself better, you can expect his tantrums to be reduced dramatically, too. 


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