How To Have a First Kiss

A kiss is one of the most intimate acts that you can do between a girl and a guy. In my opinion, a kiss is even more intimate than sex itself. You can only imagine how intimate it can get between two people. Kissing is a meeting of the minds manifested through the body.

  1. When you think it is time then you will be the only to tell. When the time does for that first kiss, one thing for sure you’ll remember it forever. If you ever heard the saying, “you will never forget your first”, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was talking about his first kiss. Since you will carry your first kiss forever, might as well make it last. Here are some simple tips to make your first kiss a lasting memory.
  2. Make sure you are fresh. Nothing gets you and your partner out of the mood than taste of onions when you kiss. Make sure your breath is kissable. You can gargle mouthwash before you kiss. If you don’t have access to any mouthwash, at the very least have some mint.
  3. Set the mood. Start by looking at your partner's eyes. This tells your partner that you are with her totally. Respect her boundaries as well. Look for signals that she wants to kiss. She could be playing with her hair or if you are really shy she might even take the lead.
  4. Lean in for the kiss. When all signals are go, dive in for the kill. Lean in for the kiss slowly. Making it romantic. You don’t want too rush your first kiss. As you lean in, you should feel her leaning in to you as well. This is a sign that intentions are mutual.
  5. Make it a kiss to remember. Don’t overdo it. A 10 second kiss is just right. Too short and it would seem like a premature release. Too long and it could get too awkward. Also check your aim. Look at her lips slightly. You don’t want to be kissing her nose the whole time. The mouth should be open but not too wide. Give her a hug after for a truly intimate moment.

Please don’t shove you tongue like you see in adult movies. A first kiss should be memorable and romantic. Not horny and lustful. You can save that for the second kiss…


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