How To Have a Happy Baby

New parents always envision their babies to be behaved and to follow their sleeping pattern. But lo and behold, some parents end up staying awake throughout the night to comfort a crying baby. There are a lot of things parents can do to have a happy baby and keep them from turning the parents into zombies.

  • Babies cry when they are uncomfortable. Find out what makes your baby uncomfortable—a wet or dirty diaper? Too cold temperature? An insect bite? Or is the baby hungry or thirsty? These are just some reasons a baby would throw a fit and cry for a long time. Your baby will show his pattern after a few days, and you will be able to adjust on his feeding time and nap times. It is best to feed the baby before sleeping in the night, and to change the diapers before you sleep.
  • Babies like being cuddled by their parents especially when they are feeding. Cuddle your baby often although not too much that you neglect your other children or the house work. The best times to cuddle him are as soon as he wakes up and before he sleeps.
  • Give your baby enough space to play. Very young infants do not move too much, so pillows and hanging toys are the best ones for him. Keep watch though, because he might move the pillow to his face. You need to make sure he is safe from suffocation. Bigger babies that crawl and walk need a larger space to roam around safely. Place protective cushions at the walls and table edges. Make sure they do not get to the stairs or the front and back doors. Place enough toys in their room or play pen so they do not get bored.
  • Play soothing music, preferably instrumental music, so your baby feels more relaxed. Sudden loud noises can startle him and scare him, and will trigger his crying. Soothing music is said to be good for a baby’s intellectual development. It will also make the parents or care givers relax along with the baby.
  • Always be aware of the changes in your baby’s behaviour. This is an indication of his health, whether he is not feeling well or there is something wrong. Also observe the way he feeds or eats, if he has the appetite or not. Observing all these things will help you find the solution if your baby starts crying and he does not respond positively with toys, cuddling or food.
  • If your baby is teething, then he is more irritable. Give him a teething toy that he can chew on safely. Make sure this toy is always clean so he will not get sick.
  • If your baby has a diaper rash, you need to change his diaper more frequently. Better yet, use cloth diapers during the day time so that the air can circulate better in the diaper area. You can also use petroleum jelly or a powder for diaper rash to allow it to dry and heal quickly. If the diaper rash gets worse, it is best to consult the paediatrician for safe and effective medication.


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