How To Have a Luxury Wedding for Less

Every girl has her perfect dream wedding but, for most brides, this remains a fairytale. In reality, these dream weddings are overwhelmingly expensive. If you want to achieve a luxurious wedding that will fit your budget, follow these simple guidelines to experience a luxury wedding for almost half the price.

  • Consider the wedding reception and venue, one of the major money-spenders in a wedding. Usually, churches and hotels charge the couple $700, at the least. Find a perfect location that already provides tables and tablecloths. This way, you will not think anymore about the dining tables after the ceremony. Here are a few tips on how to get a nice reception area with elegance.
  • Ask for discounts. When you visit wedding dealers like venues, florists, favors, photographers, etc., request for a cheaper rate if you book the space way beforehand.
  • Perfect timing-book in advance.The earlier the booking, the more likely you get discounts. Choose your wedding day carefully. Schedule the ceremony not on popular months and days. This can give you less expense.
  • Choose centerpieces wisely. Centerpieces play a very important role in setting the atmosphere and mood at your party. Simple but elegant is the way to go. Negotiate with a florist that offers cheap flower arrangements. You could also do the revamping with your own creative hands.
  • Utilize low-priced tables for guests. Then simply select a tablecloth design that has class. Put votives together with your centerpieces to display subtle radiance. Place a single flower in a flamboyant glass bowl. Attach strands of lace and dried flowers to the edges of the wedding table using glue sticks. This will make the tables look very graceful yet inexpensive.
  • Wedding flowers set the tone of the big event. For flower arrangements, select flowers that are in season, or else you will be paying way more than the right price.
  • Consider the number of guests you plan invite to your wedding day, and consider the cost. It would be best to include in your list only those who are of most value to you. The fashion nowadays for personal weddings is having a small number of guests. Besides, it is more practical to invite a number of people you are capable of handling.
  • Try purchasing a secondhand wedding dress. There are a variety of good sources. Many wedding dealers keep well-designed bridal gowns that still look new. Wear your best pick that matches your wedding theme. Or, you could also restructure an old wedding dress. Ask your mom if she still has hers, and see if you can restyle it. Ask your best girl friends to help you sew rhinestones, instead of diamonds, on your wedding dress, to add style and elegance.
  • For a low-priced wedding cake, choose simple flavors. You can also reduce the size of the cake to control the expense, but remember to nosh all of your guests. Another way is to ask around relatives or friends if they know someone who makes inexpensive but high quality wedding cakes.

Simplicity is beauty. Don't go overboard and keep it in a minimum. Think of the things that are of most importance and still experience a luxury wedding for less.


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